About Writer Beat

Writer Beat is a cross between a social network and a blog. Unlike a social network, the site is structured so that articles rather than individuals are featured prominently. However, if someone likes your work they can also check out your author page where you are free to include whatever information you wish to say about yourself. Unlike a blog, we (the site administrators), don't contribute content or dictate which content receives prominence; we only aim to provide content contributors a readership.

Please note; Writer Beat has no political affiliation or content specialty. As a result, we hope to display an eclectic array of work and have no interest in dictating what is featured on our home page.

Writer Beat is privately funded by my brother (the techie) and myself (political junkie and occasional writer of short stories). At this stage of our existence the venture has no revenue sources; we’re simply trying to build critical mass. In other words, we don’t intend to put advertising on the site until we have 10,000 members and we have a long way to go. 

If you have any questions please email Autumn Cote: