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You are and always will be someone else's property.  Unless you are completely alone in the world, that is the inevitable condition for every human.


A brain is a tremendously valuable resource for anyone who can own/control one . . . or more than one.  Just as it is valuable for you, it is equally valuable as a resource to someone else.


Imagine you find yourself alone in 7th century Europe.  Sure, you can hunt, gather, and live off the land until one day a tribal leader finds you.  He will not just pass you and say, “good day!”.  He will put you in arms and march you directly to his territory as forced labor.  You are too valuable a resource to be allowed to roam freely in his jurisdiction.  If he elects not to take you, you are a 1:1 possible threat.  If he takes you captive, his strength has consequently increased by two people while killing you, his strength only increases by one.  


Ok.  But say you resist.  You fight back and expressly defend your personal right to live without authority.  Let’s say you succeed.  Do you think you can continue to defend yourself against two or three more attackers.  No.  Eventually you will succumb to the Law of Strength.


For the very situation I just described, tribes and communities formed just so they would not be taken captive as a resource by barbarian invaders.  These tribes banded together both in community and arms.  If you wanted to be a part of any given tribe, you gave up your personal freedoms to the tribe for its own well being and strength.  That was an equitable trade as you now have many more people to fight for your personal protection.  As well, you gained community advantages such as food and shelter and maybe, if you're lucky, your own spot of land to farm.  For all people living in that period, that was a no-brainer.  Go with the tribe!


As it were in the medieval period, the smaller tribes eventually were taken up by the larger tribes either by force, armistice, or pact.  This proceeded until major portions of Europe were under the rule of large empires.  

As they say, the rest is history.  The governments to whom we find ourselves giving allegiance are a direct result of the basic rule of property acquisition and the Law of Strength.  

You are property.  Whether you can defend your personal property yourself is directly related to you being able to retain it.  For any rational person, they understand the Law of Strength where numbers is a major deciding factor.


The new position taken by many people today is a position of inquisition.  Why do I need a government?  Why is the default state for me to be ruled by a larger body or government?  I am free to chose, so why can't I choose no government.  I don't like taxes.  I don't like having to give a large portion of my earnings to someone I will never meet.  I don't like living with the possibility of an army marching over my house.  I fear the power of this massive government because it may abuse me.
 These are rational questions.  They are rational because all individuals alive today have never experienced a life without allegiance to a community, an empire, or a nation.  Without that experience, questioning is healthy.  It would be like you waking up in the middle of NY, lying face down on 5th avenue.  You would have good reason to question your status.


The danger in questioning is the motive from which they question.  Is it a motive to understand their plight, or do they wish to control their own private property (themselves) regardless of consequences?  The latter, I would say is the very same motive that every tribal lord used in their rational.  Because once you want to own yourself, completely, and without regard to community, you need numbers to protect it.  And therefore, you inevitably become Genghis Khan and will play out the Law of Strength, not as one who is ruled, but as the ruler.


The anti-statists are correct.  You don't own yourself under any type or form of government.  You don't really have personal property either.  And whoever is in power can abuse that power against you no matter what document has been signed by hands who may also shake on the deal either honestly or in collusion.

But as I see it, you don't have a choice.  That “freedom” to chose to whom (or what) you give your allegiance was a decision made back in the medieval ages by generations living alone in squalor and fear.  To wish for individual liberty is an exercise in fantasy . . . or . . .  to squalor and fear we will return.

(pwned is slang for owned) 


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