The face of the Democratic Party is changing

The face of the Democratic Party is changing
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If someone told you 5 years ago that Nancy Pelosi, in just a few years, would be the moderate Democrat voice in the house would you have believed it? I know I would have laughed out loud. It’s incredible how quickly the left has radicalized.


I’m middle to right on most issues, more libertarian on some issues, and more liberal on some issues. I don’t often agree with Pelosi. I think it’s naive to believe the freshman Dems are not indicative of the Democratic Party. You may not want them to be and frankly neither do I despite the fact that they’re going to help Republicans with the 2020 elections.


I don’t want this radical element anywhere near political power but they are and unfortunately they are the future of the Democratic Party. The face of the party is changing. You see all the 2020 Democrat candidates supporting reparations, Medicare for all, open boarders, third trimester abortion, radical takeover of private industry under the pretense of curtailing climate change and all these issues of intersectional identity politics.


These are radical ideas coming from radical people who simultaneously call the right radical for saying “men aren’t women” and “I think people should be able to keep more of their own money??” The small but extremely loud far left minority of the Democratic Party has shifted the Democratic Party much farther to the left alienating their own base.