Barron Trump will ultimately be just another piece of trump horseshit

The little " cretin to be" known as barron will ultimately be just another piece of trump horseshit unless he's forced to take a DNA test to prove he's not the offspring of the motherfuckers that claim him to be their son. Even so he was born at an age when it is a given fact that women of his mothers age start producing mentally and physically damaged children.

Plus he's the offspring of a known wife abusing, child abusing pos parent and .Spouse.
That kid is most likely already set to go out and kill endangered animals in pre-arranged animal slaughtering compounds.


Why in the fuck should we give the little pos any benefit of the doubt as being any less of a monster than any other member of his shithole family.


He will never be known for trying to improve the plight of the human race in 3rd world countries.


At best the little pos will be known for advocating tax exemptions for the the rich and building tax free hotels in 3rd world countries, while the rest of the family rapes and plunders those self same countries.
Maybe he will die in a boeing 738 approved by one of his daddies unqualified flunkies.