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Ok. I try it again, I was really pissed of yesterday because - before - articles were saved as drafts, but now they're gone instantly when 48 hours are not respected......I also can't see my profile anymore on WB, but well, here we go again (Whitesnake) :-)


You all know I like music, and there are a lot of you around who do as well, and like to play. Just to name a few, Jeanne, our Grunge girl (xcuse me LOL), Chet, Owl, Shep (or his brother Rich), Oph, Michael the Arch-Angel Adolf and other Mentorists ;-)


(sorry forgetting a few, get off my back Altz now, ok ?)


So, what I want to say: Why not try to form a WB band ? The Fathers Of Improvisation (hi, Frank)....the WhoreBeasts, the WelcomeBeggars, the WastedBrats or the WhyBecauses ?


We could send each other mp3's or any other formats, play our part to it and send it back to n others who want to get in. I would think this is a great idea. We're Americans, Brits, Swiss, whatever, it would be like a Bono thing without Bono (thanks U2 for your plasphemy), and it would be FUN as well.


The video on top is amateur, as we all are. Just to give you an idea. I play anything that doesn't require the ability to read notes. After all, who can hear written notes.....I play piano as well and have started bass at my young age (....), but we always had problems with a drummer when I was in bands, until we found one which was perfect. He called himself metronome, or kitchen clock.


But he was no John Bonham...anyway.


What do you think ? Just an old fart by an old fart or an idea you could be interested in ?