I sure hope someone in power wakes up and smells the coffee soon

So I retired and because I decided to accept SSN (a refund of taxes I paid in) I was slammed into medicare. I relocated to a new city to be closer to family and could not find any quality medical practices that would accept me as a patient. I needed a BP med as my prescription needed refill. I was force into an ER visit to get a refill of what I had been taking for 10 years, cost of the simple ER visit was over $1000.00 WTF along with a prescription of a 21 day supply of meds. Then I was lucky enough to find a Dr who would prescribe my BP meds, add another $250.00. In my entire life I have never been so brutally ripped off till I got Medicare. Most importantly everyone reading this is getting screwed daily by having to foot this type of corrupt BS created by those we trusted in office. I can't even describe how angry this has made me.

Add all the other malfeasance of our elected in legislating away our rights and freedom and that anger grows exponentially.  Our government wonders why there has been an uptick in militia and prepper groups membership, gun sales and ownership is growing faster than the population.


I sure hope someone in power wakes up and smells the coffee soon as I surely do not want to see what is coming down the pike.