Many in Obama's X administration are wetting their diapers

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Trump supporters come from all races, all parties and all walks of life. We are the base of the tax dollars in this country. We are the ones who know the difference between the Messiah and a leader.


It is the Demonicrat/Socialist/Communist and Alinsky party that raised the Millennial snowflakes and made sure that they were trained to become good little Brown Shirts and they did a good job.


The problem in this country is a party that plotted a Coup to take out POTUS before and after he won. The problem is the last administration not leaving and disbanding, but staying together to attempt to undermine everything this POTUS does. Even shadowing his tours of Europe, Asia etc. to talk to leaders. Telling them to hold on, Trump will be gone. The X Secretary of State calling for Resistance. The X AG's both calling for riots in the streets. Clapper and others on TV lying and now backtracking due to the Mueller report and no collusion with Russia. Obama talking to Merkel privately just the other day.


The problem is an FBI, CIA, DOJ and DNC that spied on Trump and his people. Today Barr made it clear to the congress that he intends to get to the bottom of it because it is a serious allegation that this would happen. My guess is today many in Obama's X administration are wetting their diapers.