Hate speech is a subset of free speech

If your goal is to eliminate "hate speech", you have to have someone who is an "expert" on hate speech, who has no interest in free speech, who will define with static clarity the "meaning" of hate speech, in order to make a law, and then you have to enforce the law.


You get more and more people involved and deputized, each of whom has their own interpretation of the hate speech law, accusing people of hate speech. These accused are forced to apologize or taken away and punished.


Soon things that just sound like they might be hate speech, and any speech that could lead to hate speech, come under suspicion. People with ulterior motives will use the law to discredit their competitors. More and more people are silenced, while those who defined hate speech and see it everywhere engender hatred toward all those who might engage in hate speech. Anti hate speech laws themselves generate hate.


This is why the First Amendment must be absolute. Each person must be responsible for their own reactions to the things they read or hear. If this includes crime, then the crime must be punished. No one has the right to expect others to clear a path for their comfort. The the time has come when we as humans should just buck up and get over it, and if we don't like it do something constructive, like encourage public discourse, and punish actual crime.


Hate speech is born of ignorance. People who are exposed only to narrow view points, never experience the full spectrum of information about the subject in question, because they silence all dissenting speech, and they do that by deeming it "hate speech". The Israelis are masters of this technique. Today, in America, literally (and I mean that in the literal sense) literally any words at all can be interpreted as antisemitic. Learn from this. Keep the First Amendment in tact. Please.