Good Bye Company Supplemented Heath Insurance for 181 M People

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Leading presidential candidate ~ 20% of primary voters, self proclaimed Democrat Socialist, Senator Bernie Sanders unveiled "Medicare for All" draft bill Thursday April 11. Others senators seeking to become Democrat Party Nominee for President in the November 2020 election also endorse it, are: Cory Booker, Kirsten Gillibrand, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren. Understand that the governing class and wealth will be exempt which was the case for ACA.  "Medicare of MOST" is a more accurate name. Many of the others running for being the Democrat Nominee for President also support this bill but can not vote on it.


Ph.D., Robert E. Moffit, from The Heritage Foundation tells us that this 2019 act is similar to the 2017 act. It will create a new national health insurance plan to provide universal coverage to all U. S. residents, regardless of their legal status. Understand that insurance does not guaranty one will actually receive health care in a timely fashion or the most appropriate. This is well documented in every similar nation health system.


"Medicare of MOST" would outlaw private health insurance coverage that "duplicates" the coverage the government provides, ending employer-sponsored insurance coverage. Thus also gone would be Medicaid, children health insurance programs, military Tricare, and federal and state employee health programs. Basically very few people would escape.


With only one payer for health care in effect every employee would be working for the Federal Government since all their salaries flow from the government.  Just an illusion of private businesses providing services.  


Under section 303 (ACA allows it today) Concierge Medical Care, where a contact between patent and doctor, typically primary care, skips over the insurance company to pay the doctor directly or an association of doctors, would be discouraged. The doctor would be outside the system. This exist already in may national health care systems and the wealthy and powerful take advantage of it.


If you send you child to private school or to a private college you are also exiting the national mandated education system but still being taxed to pay for it. Many patents of the foreign nationals in nations with national health care come to America and Americans patents also go to other nations using a cash-only concierge care contract for a specific service. Often the amount charged is much less then the citizens of the nation pay. If you have the money to pay the tax and purchase you own then you will have this option.


Typically the best doctors will choose to take the risk and opt out of the federal system as they do in education. Expect hospitals to also opt out of the system. The reason is simple the government will be setting health care practices. The doctors' and patients' personal liberty will be restricted since the government will obtain all the date and their rules will govern the health care received.


In every national health care system insufficient money exists so the government will determine how to meter out health care. Who is more worthy then others. And the patents and doctor will have no recourse if they can not afford to opt out.  Today a patent can sue the insurance company but when the bureaucrats department that run health care also sit in judgement on the worthiness of a suit it is obvious which side wins.


Typically in nations that elect federal officials the priority to obtain services are the people that are productive and pay taxes and have common medical problems.  The old and more expensive voters receive minimal services.  Often they die waiting or hobble around in pain.  Dead people do not vote or receive services.  A win win for the government.   The very young also suffer since the cost of making them productive have not been spent.   And finally unusual illnesses with few voters also suffer.   


The mental state of the patent is not important.   We can see this already occurring with the expansion of youth in Asia, assisted suicide.   Youth in Asia is actually now being encouraged as we can see by the increasing numbers.   The governments have become far more lax in who can kill themselves.  This is also seen in the data.  Conveniently the review of assisted suicide are done after the fact to determine if it was proper.  The state costs are reduced by suicide of sick persons.