In Most States, Baby Life Fits the Bill

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It was the bill that launched hundreds of bills. When New York State gave the green light to killing living, breathing babies, something in the American conscience shifted. Almost overnight, a bonfire of pro-life bills started spreading from one state to another, until pretty soon, the movement Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) started suddenly had a powerful and motivated army of opposition.


And conservatives aren't the only ones who know it. Liberals, who probably thought they were kicking off a new age of abortion extremism, have been stunned by the ferocity of the backlash. According to the Guttmacher Institute, an astounding 250 pro-life bills have been introduced in 41 states, just since the start of 2019! "Almost 50 percent of those bills would ban abortion in 'some or all circumstances,'" Life News reports. In fact, by Parenthood's count, "legislators in seven states have proposed bills that would completely ban abortion, while six states are considering or have passed 'trigger bans' that would ban abortion if or when Roe vs. Wade is repealed."


Now, with Democrats in Washington putting cats and dogs above children, pro-lifers in the states are even more motivated. While Congress may have trouble banning abortion when science says babies can feel pain at 20 weeks, other leaders, like Ohio's, are taking an even more cautious approach. In the Buckeye State, pro-lifers are celebrating the passage of a measure at an earlier limit, when the baby's heartbeat is detected. While liberals kick and scream that these are just "clusters of cells" the reality is that most Americans (75 percent!) want to keep abortion legal only in the first trimester.


In North Carolina, pro-life bills are so plentiful, they're almost a cottage industry for the Tar heels, who are cranking out one proposal after another. The four bills in the pipeline are:


  • SB 359 & HB 602will protect the lives of newborn babies who are born alive after a failed abortion.
  • SB 547 & HB 603will ban abortion in North Carolina after an unborn child is able to feel pain.
  • SB 51 & HB 54will ban dismemberment abortions in North Carolina.
  • SB 52 & HB 53will help inform women that it is possible to reverse the abortion process after taking abortion-inducing drugs.


In Montana and Texas, the Born-Alive protections Nancy Pelosi's (D-Calif.) chamber won't pass to save abortion survivors like Gianna Jessen are moving full-steam ahead in Big Sky Country, where SB 354 sailed out of a House committee 11-8. One more vote and this important bill will be headed for the governor, Democrat Steve Bullock, who hasn't given any indication what he'd do. Gianna Jessen, who testified in support of the Lone Star version, said she was proud "to stand with the people of Texas to defend children like myself born after a failed abortion. It is my honor to speak for them and defend them with the heart of a mother."


There, supporters of HB 16 had a message for the radical Left: "If it's one life, one life out of a million, it's worth saving," said state Senator Lois Kolkhorst (R). Now, thanks to leaders like her, the legislation is one step closer to a trip to Governor Greg Abbott's (R) desk. At Monday's House hearing, more than 200 people signed up to speak , a trend that's continued through almost every state abortion debate. Although some of them had to wait almost 11 hours for their turn, none of them seemed to mind. The chance to weigh in on the life of an innocent child was more than worth the time.