On the dangers of outing LGBTQ people against their will

Perez Hilton outs Sultan of Brunei’s son after country enacts new law that would stone gay people


It should be THAT persons choice to be outed if you have NO idea of what their home situation is, etc. i know a local ally, a real christian, who has rescued FOUR gay teen boys, got them through highschool, etc and some into college or into jobs, and now is doing the same for a trans woman. these were all under threat of harm if they returned home. THAT is why. why do you think in most areas LGBTQ have such a high suicide rate? if you had it easy GREAT, most do not. between fundamentalist fanatics of various religions, cultures that are so full of "machismo" that being gay or a trans woman is almost an assured death sentence.


NO ONE should out someone else. with this exception. when you KNOW and i mean know from personal experience, some anti LGBTQ crusader is a closeted gay, and is working to hurt the WHOLE community, then fine. in this case we dont even KNOW IF HE IS GAY, we ONLY have PH's word on this. can you find any mention of his being gay before the last two weeks? please enlighten me i looked. so he invited a lot of queer celebs to his parties, so what? is that a crime, should we ONLY go to parties of other queers now?


sorry but i believe every person who is doing no harm to others should have whatever privacy they want. i am a bisexual trans woman, gee i guess i might be ok with gay people. i am on the board of several LGBTQ support and coalition groups (founding member), i run a peer support for trans, yep i must think being queer is bad.