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I mean I don't like "traitors". But I also don't like Camp 1391 or Guantanamo. And I don't like people who start wars. Probably some of you like that (for reasons I can't follow anyway), but I don't. And if some guy and his gang show up and make public what is wrong and he gets labeled as a traitor and criminal, like:


"OOOH ! He made our crimes public ! He shows what assholes we are ! Stop him !"


....then the so-called "justice" is on the wrong side. Cognitive dissonance once again. Is it a crime to show the public what criminals do ? It is NOT.


....but in times when hedgefonds gangsters, brainless gangsta rappers and other garbage are seen as IDOLS (wow, they made it !), is it any wonder ?


Anyway, now the establishment has won. They're killing Assange from all sides. Swedish women cry wolf about how horrible he is. Everybody cries "Justice ! He did that n years ago to me !" What a hypocrite PC do-gooder society we have become.


Nobody cries "Justice for war victims of the corporatocracy and the war machine !" Cowards. No, now they have the courage to scream and yell against ONE defenseless man. Ok, I've had it for today. Now, I will keep on littering the place as I ever was, click away on my phone and regret that I can't buy a new Boss suit every month. Starfucks's is expensive enough.


...and then I go and protest against climate change.


Calm my conscience. Because: I'm a good citizen LOL


(Don't get me wrong, I don't heroize Julian Assange or ANYBODY. But we're not in the middle ages anymore. We should be able to judge and think for ourselves on what is "right" or "wrong". Although I don't like these subjective categorizations....)