The Hysteria of Our Times

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Recently in the UK a super market chain was forced to take all of their chocolate Easter bunnies off the store shelves.  What happened?  One of the bunnies in the 3 pack of bunnies was dark chocolate with raspberry filling and called "the ugly duckling."  A woman, a white one no less, with 112 followers on Twitter claim the offending bunny to be racist in nature.  The super market chain feeling the "heat" from this sole individual, and not even a black individual, took all of the product off store shelves and made a public apology.


A few months back Adidas promoted several lines of shoes as part of it's dedication to Black History Month.  One of the pair was white leading a few people on Twitter to claim the shoes to be "racist" and Adidas followed same suit.  It would seem that in 2019 chocolate Easter bunnies and athletic shoes can be racist.  Quite strange considering they are inanimate objects.


This is what the social justice meme has brought us.  Supposedly hated filled Easter bunnies and athletic shoes.  Ten Hitler youth show up for a march and suddenly the Western world is full of Nazis.  Indicate that we don't need to have 50 different types of sexes, him and her should do, and you're a Nazi.


Last week I decided to work in the airline lounge in the morning before an afternoon flight.  During the course of the morning I would get up for more coffee, go to the bathroom, take something off the printer and in doing so would walk by the television tuned to CNN.  Every single time there was a different Russia/Trump story blaring away.  This story at best might interest 1% of our population yet CNN was broadcasting it like it was another 9/11 event.


We have a Congresswoman that is proud that she's ignorant of tax law and budgets, yet she has a loyal following.  She's actually proud that she caused the loss of the biggest jobs project her city has even seen. 


A young black girl by the name of Candace Owens describes to Congress about her journal to overcome poverty and take pride in the values given to her by her grandfather, an illiterate man that grew up in the south working as a sharecropper. Yet a clueless twit of a Congressman, Ted Lieu, claims she supports Hitler.  Does he even have a clue to what Hitler did with black people and thought of black people?


Yes today we are surrounded by sheer stupidity and insanity.  It's always been there but social media and the Internet provides it the perfect platform.  Stupid and over the top will get you noticed, or least 5 minutes of fame.  Like the woman on social media that says she cries herself every night because Trump is President but when asked how she was personally effected she couldn't name one thing.


These have become our social commentators.  Morons, imbeciles, jokers, grand standers, carnival barkers, fear mongers and fakes.  One congressman that thinks a young black girl wants to march with the brown shirts and a congresswoman that doesn't understand a tax abatement.  When our leaders are this clueless you must wonder about the direction of society.


Me? I think we're heading towards a world of have and have nots.  The haves will attempt to build the best life they can for themselves and their family.  The have nots will be too caught in social media dribble and will blame all of their failures on the haves.  The middle class will dissolve over time as people get with the program or get swept aside by silliness and stupidity.  Some will use technology to advance their lives, others will use it as a means to justify their mental, physical and financial poverty.  No shocker that obesity is hitting poorer people.


And like history shows there will be no shortage of those willing to exploit the latter for their own personal gain.  They pretend to be as dumb as their followers, all the way to the bank.  They are nothing more than a 21st century version of the pick pocket.  


When television came along for some it became the great informer.  For others it became a way to mill away the hours with nonsense.  Eventually those in the nonsense camp got caught up with the Jerry Springer mode of television.  Today we see the same pattern with social media.  It can be the great mind enhancer, or it can perpetuate stupidity, ignorance and craziness.  Unfortunately those in this camp seem to be the loudest.


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