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Recently there was  hand wringing from New York politicians, such as Mayor Bill De Blasio and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, regarding the small number of Black children who gained entrance to NYC elite high school for the gifted and talented. In the top school, Stuyvesant, only seven Blacks gained entrance. I have been watching and writing about the disparity since one of my son gained entrance to Bronx High School of Science over 23 years ago.  Asians are the majority in 7 of the nine schools. No matter what is done, to help more Blacks and Latinxs get in, fewer gets in. The Mayor launched an initiative to change to test and New Yorkers revolted as they have done in past years. They do not want the test changed to let in more Blacks and Latinxs to "lower the standards of the schools." The mayor can change the test for the newer 5 schools, but he cannot do so for the original four schools. So he appears to be grandstanding. This years, the Asians were out in force protesting. They do not want "dunce" Blacks in the gifted and talented schools. In fact, they claim that action to get more Blacks and Latinxs in would discriminate against them (Asians).


The Asians comprise the most gifted student in all but two states. That feat is remarkable, seeing Whites once described them as "Mongolian Idiots" as they described Blacks as “Colored Savages.” 

Are Blacks and Latinixs really dunce and incapable of learning? Consider this: Asians were allowed to enter America with favorable immigration policy (and care packages) in the fight against Communism,  Blacks, like Haitians, were stopped at sea and turned around. Teachers are reluctant to recommend Blacks and Latinxs to gifted and talented program, which can begin from as early as kindergarten. The Asians constitute 13% of NYC population while Blacks and Latinx comprise 75%. Thee US school is comprised of 80% White teachers teaching 52.9% colored students. 

Are these factors that account for the discrepancy?


I would like your input to write research articles with you as co-authors to help address the discrepancy/problem.  Below are some scholarly articles I have published.  Please drop me an email if you wish to help.

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Attitudes and Perceptions of Vocational Education in New ...

Attitudes and Perceptions of Vocational Education in New York City: Implications for the Mayor's School Reform Initiative Green, Rupert ProQuest LLC , Ed.D. Dissertation, Northcentral University

Author: Rupert Green

Publish Year: 2012


New York States Brightest Third Grade Readers

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Published 2018

Effect of Principal and Student Gender on New York City High School Performance Outcomes