The Green New Deal already achieved part of the intended effect

*All* Dems voted present on it because McConnell put it up for a vote as a tactic to split the Dem coalition and it didn’t work. That doesn’t mean it’s dead. If people would actually read the bill instead of just repeating what the GOP says about it, it would be an actual possibility, not a supposed pipe dream. Plus both parties are apparently coming up with climate change bills so putting out the GND (Green New Deal) actually had the intended effect of some sort of legislative action in regards to climate change.


Any bill can be sabotaged if you bring it to the floor for a vote without enough votes for it to pass, especially if the bill is new and doesn’t have enough supporters yet to withstand the onslaught of a whole political party that’s paid to espouse the idea that climate change is some kind of bs liberal conspiracy. Furthermore, your characterization of it reads like regurgitated GOP talking points. I think the bill is a great starting point. Anything less than drastic action won’t get the job done.