Evolution of Religion

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(Preface: This article was written from a Christian perspective in defense of that religion.  I am not qualified to speak on behalf of other religions and do not pretend to speak for them.)


A gentleman (Peter Dee) wrote a brief article here on WB in which he purports to “disprove religion”.  His main premise is that religion evolves which is proof that it is manmade and therefore it cannot be divine.  There are aspects of this premise that I actually agree with so let me start there.



I agree that IF religion evolves then it is false.  An omnipotent Creator does not change his mind, ever.  It would be contrary to the idea that the Creator is omnipotent.  A Creator is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow (as in for eternity).  Fair enough?



The fallacy of the argument is in equating religion practiced by men (to be referenced henceforth as "former") with religion dictated by God ("latter").  The two are not the same thing.  Proving the former is fluid and thus manmade does not prove that the latter is also.  Thus, the obvious “evolution” of man practiced religion does not disprove religion so much as disprove false or flawed religion.



Former and Latter Differences:

The goal of the former (man’s practice of religion) should be to be as close to the latter (God’s will) as possible, always trying to become more so; but never achieving perfection because that is humanly impossible.


The reality is that the former is constantly pulled away from the latter by the world and the “needs” and wants of men.  This is what the author construes as “evolution”.  The fact that certain denominations/churches evolve towards acceptance of things God has deemed wrong/sin is not a proof of God’s mind changing/evolving but rather of fallible men often losing their way.


And it’s not as if we (Christians) are not warned that such things will occur.  The apostle Paul warned churches he founded and wrote epistles (letters) to that men would indeed insists on their evolving doctrine over that of the immutable Creator.  Paul, of course, implored them to beware and avoid such an inclination.


Many and Few:

Finally, the author states that declining membership in churches/denominations is further proof of evolution in an attempt to meet the needs of men, and proffers that this will continue until “civilization will just consider religion to be a cultural aberration”. 


But, there are many reasons for such declines.  Some leave because a church falls away from sound Godly doctrine; then some leave because other churches insist on abiding by God's Word instead of what they want to hear and believe.


All that aside, declining church attendance is another false premise.  If there is one thing I know for sure; it is that many people believing something and acting on it does not automatically equate to that something being true. 


And again, religion (Christianity) has a warning.  Christ taught that true religion was like an obscure, narrow path leading to a small gate (heaven); while false religion was like a broad road with all sorts of bells and lights to entertain the senses leading to a large ornate gate (hell).  Few, he said, would find and enter the small gate, but many would be drawn to the large one.



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