The Attack on the Electoral College

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The Electoral College is under all-out assault by the political left which is still sore that Hillary Clinton and Al Gore (who was so despised that his own state didn't vote for him) weren't elected president even though they had the majority of the popular vote.


We've all experienced the crybaby next door who, when he was losing, wanted to change the rules midstream. And then he wanted to change the rules again before the game was restarted. If he didn't get his way he sat and pouted or took his ball and went home. This perfectly describes the progressives wanting to eliminate the Electoral College... except they're not just annoying, they're evil.


Leftists running the gamut from racist and idiotic sports commentators (Jemele Hill) to Democrat governors (Colorado's Jared Polis) to Democrat presidential candidates (the sodomite Pete Buttigieg, the phony Indian Elizabeth Warren and empty suit/phony Hispanic Robert Francis "Beto" O'Rourke) have all called for its elimination.


For her part, Jemele Hill tangled on Twitter with the Democratic presidential aspirant almost nobody has heard of, Andrew Yang, who, in a rare moment of lucidity, actually spoke out in favor of the Electoral College. Hill claimed the Electoral College needed to be eliminated because it was created to "preserve slavery." Which of course is an absolute lie.


Colorado recently joined 11 other states plus Washington D.C. as part of the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC), pledging their votes to the winner of the national popular vote if/when enough states to equal 270 Electoral votes sign on. So there are now 181 Electoral votes committed to direct democracy in the presidential election, indicating we're just a few million well-placed illegal's from becoming a socialist totalitarian paradise of misery and poverty. (If you don't think living under socialism is miserable, just visit Venezuela)


Hill claimed in a tweet that "People who live in the cities that truly represent the diversity of America should set the course." For some reason, Hill wants America to look like Detroit, which is exactly what the Founding Fathers didn't want and why they crafted the Electoral College.


At a recent CNN town hall, Elizabeth Warren said, ""I believe we need a constitutional amendment that protects the right to vote for every American citizen and to make sure that vote gets counted. We can have national voting, and that means get rid of the Electoral College." That, of course, is a reference to another common lie told by the left and echoed by the mainstream media: that Democrat votes aren't counted.


The truth is, Democrat votes are all counted, whether they're legal or not, and they're often counted more than once. And we note that it's always Democrat politicians who profit when vote counting continues long after the election is supposedly over.


And CNN, never one to miss an opportunity to propagate a falsehood, took aim at the Electoral College  in a "Reality Check" episode by John Avalon, which was followed by a tweet.


Avalon and the CNN tweet claimed that James Madison called the Electoral College "evil at its maximum" in a letter to George Hay on August 23, 1823. But as The Resurgent's Erik Erickson points out the author of the Constitution wasn't talking about the Electoral College, but to the process of the House of Representatives deciding elections in the event of an Electoral College tie and the situation as it stood in 1823.


Ending the Electoral College would result in four or five of the largest states selecting our president. One has only to look at the national county-by-county red/blue map to see that such a thing would disenfranchise 90 percent of the country geographically, and put all power on both coasts and the upper Midwest.


Uncle Sam's Misguided Children described the Electoral College on Facebook this way:


  • It's a safety net so that EVERYONE's vote counts.
  • There are 3,141 counties in the United States. Trump won 3,084 of them. Clinton won 57.
  • There are 62 counties in New York State. Trump won 46 of them. Clinton won 16.
  • Clinton won the popular vote by approximately 5 million votes.
  • In the 5 counties that encompass NYC, (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Richmond & Queens) Clinton received well over 2 million more votes than Trump. (Clinton only won 4 of these counties; Trump won Richmond) Therefore these 5 counties alone, more than accounted for Clinton winning the popular vote of the entire country.
  • These 5 counties comprise 319 square miles. The United States is comprised of 3,797,000 square miles.
  • When you have a country that encompasses almost 4 million square miles of territory, it would be ludicrous to even suggest that the vote of those who inhabit a mere 319 square miles should dictate the outcome of a national election.
  • Large, densely populated Democrat cities (NYC, Chicago, LA, etc) don't and shouldn't speak for the rest of the country.

And this is WHY you have an Electoral College.


And the NVPIC would likewise disenfranchise voters because the state's electoral votes would go to the popular vote winner even if that state voted for the other candidate. Such a thing would make those votes moot.