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Some of you might know that music is my passion. I play piano, guitar, and have started bass lately (although I'm on none of the instruments a big player like Jaco Pastorius, Ollie Halsall or Keith Jarrett.....;-) Now, you see, I can't read music at all, I only know the basic names of the chords I play on piano, like C,F,G on blues, and when I play guitar I play the chord or the key itself on piano first and then find out what the same chord key on guitar is. Somebody told me once on guitar the basic tone is E. Ok. I play a solo on A and that works on E as well, and a piano chord E7 matches a A chord as well. And so on.


When I started piano, I was 12 years old, and that was about the time when Glam Rock started, Marc Bolan invented LGBT about the same time as the New York Dolls, Ozzy screamed OH NOOOOOOOOO, Alice Cooper was loving the dead and wrote about dead babies. The old guy who tried to teach me piano (Obladioblada, thank you and fuck you), said: CDEFGAHC. Ok. But what about DoReMiFaSoLaTiDo ? Hmm....erm....that's the same. Ok, No use asking for more. I tried to memorize that.....



Can The Can, screamed little Suzi Quattro. Creedence Clearwater (wasn't really a revival, was it ?), Cactus. Cold Chisel. Cat Stevens (Allah be praised in between), Camel. Colosseum, Chicago. Ok, that's in.



The Dead. Doors. Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mich and Tich. Donald Duck. Deaf School (oh no sorry, that came later)....



Earth, Wind and Fire (no, not Earth and Fire), Eagles, Elephant's Memory, Eulenspygel, Eartha Kitt.



Free, Frost, Foghat. Freaky Fucking Weirdos, Freak Kitchen (oh, sorry, that was 2000)...but Frank Zappa. Fairport Convention and Fimi Fendrix on Fender...or so LOL



Gentle Giant. Genesis. Grand Funk.



Animals. Aphrodite's Child. Argent.



Hollies (eek LOL), Herman's Hermits. Hall and Oates (...hmm....), Hendrix (THERE YOU ARE !), Hard Meat.


Well I took some of them anyway to remember the keys. Mind you, memory is incomplete, so I surely missed a lot of the 60's bands.


Oh....we have a B as well, right ?




Beatles. Beach Boys. Byrds. Bach. Beethoven. Chuck Berry. Brecker Brothers. Buddy Guy. B.B.King.


Why the hell is B being so discriminated ? LOL