My Recent Posts you know how you, as parents, can improve your future ?




1. Make them sports stars. Beat them onto a tennis court when they're 3 years old.

2. Drag them into some adult clothes and make them sing and dance (5 years old). Disfuckney.

3. Drill them with knowledge you never had but you want them to have (10 years old)

4. Don't encourage them to think on their own because you know better (15, see 3.)

5. If that does not work, tell them you want the best for them, but make it public (16 years)


You can get rich.....


That brings me to Greta. Who's Greta ? A 16-year old Swedish kid that has one problem: She has parents who know everything for everybody on this world, and their daughter in her naivete believes it. Don't get me wrong: I'm sure she means what she says, but a 16-year-old kid does NOT know how the world works and how it is interconnected.


She's being USED.


And her parents are either stupid or just no. 5. Like: My kid gets attention, I mean, she's not beautiful, so no model career. But since the Greens are on a high in Europe (who are actually favoring NATO wars, but that's no deal, she's so sweet and innocent in her white dress), we can hop onto the Climate train. I mean we had James Dean before, then the Hippies, then the Punks, then the LGBTU&&ç&%ç)/= lately, and now:




Youth For Climate ! Greta will drown all the countries who poison the planet ! The Chinese, the US, the Indians, the no-matter-who. And Greta will NEVER again, as her admirers of any age, ask again for a new iShit, Nikes or another brand cloth. And never ever again fly and drive a car, because all that pollutes the planet, and Zara clothes are made by child labor in Asia. You've seen how much littering the city workers had to remove by the "climate protesters" ?


*sigh* Cognitive dissonance - or no logic.


Hang on, gotta make a selfie, and then I stop. I promise.


Poor girl. I don't blame her. But her parents - to rob her of her youth. Too young into the spotlight is hard to cope with. For too many to hard. From Kevin alone at home to Amy Winehouse. Too much attention can kill you. Your ego can blow up to a degree that at a certain point you can't cope with it anymore.