The Death of CNN and MSNBC

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The death of CNN and MSNBC, or at least turning them into an inconsequential network few watch is coming closer.  Their viewers mostly skew over age 60.  To be fair so does Fox but Fox gets far more old geezers watching.


Anderson Cooper is said to get about 200,000 viewers a night.  The Youtubers get far more than Cooper.  The difference is that Cooper makes a seven figure salary on a near 40 year old network while the many of the YouTubers weren't even born when CNN made it's foray into American homes in the early 1990s.  And they don't make seven figure salaries.


Rachael Maddow has been non stop Russia, Russia, Russia for the past 2 plus years.  Now she doesn't even have that anymore.  Yes the Democratic Party has been the official sponsor of the Cold War 2, no less than by "alleged" liberals.  Of course she's trying to re-invent the show as Post Cold War 2 but even the old geezers are now tuning out.


Sometime soon someone at CNN and MSNBC looking at anemic ratings and probably red ink is going to start looking at cost cutting.  Suddenly people like Cooper and Maddow talking to too few television sets will have a dark future.  And the so called "experts" that appear on their shows mostly speaking to too few television sets. 


The winners are of course the new media.  The podcasts which are now drawling more than a million people. Those doing their own Youtube, on demand, shows (you can watch on your schedule).  Even InfoWars has blown the networks out of the water.  


What's funny and sad about the dying media is that they will never acknowledge the people eating their lunch.  They'd never say this person is getting millions of viewers a week maybe we should invite them on for their opinion and analysis.  No they retain the same outdated, ignorant, arrogant "experts" that sneer at the new media.  Once the old geezers start dying then what?  The under 40 crowd has no interest in CNN and MSNBC, and to be fair Fox News.


Back in the late 1920s when "talkies" were introduced the silent film crowd also sneered at the new crop of actors coming up.  Talkies were viewed as a fringe entertainment, here today, gone tomorrow.  Of course within a couple of years the silents were gone, including the actors that could not or would not make the transition.  Today we enter a new era.  Anderson Cooper and Rachael Maddow today make fun of the Joe Rogans, Tim Pools, David Ruebens, Ben Shapiros.  Tomorrow Cooper, Maddow, at. al will be the Vilma Bankys, Mae Murrays and Norma Talmadges.  Quickly forgotten, totally irrelevant.


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