Mueller’s Maddening Misadventure

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Setting the Parameters

Those who initiated the investigation chose the man they wanted; a man with integrity beyond reproach, who would find out the truth. The suspicion of corruption in the highest office in the land, and, oh, yeah, I nearly forgot, a lot of disgruntled defeated Democrats absolutely demanded that there be an investigation. After almost two years and millions of dollars, countless subpoenas, interviews and inquiries, the report is out, and it doesn’t look good. That is, it doesn’t look good if you’re one of the Democrats who sought to impeach the president. I said months ago, if there was anything impeachable, Mueller would have fed it to the Democrats so that they could impeach President Trump as soon as possible.


Aside from reigning in some corrupt campaign officials, the millions of the Mueller investigation yielded nothing worthy impeaching Donald Trump. The media were so sure, the pundits claimed it was only a matter of time, and they had everything but a countdown time clock just to make the whole fiasco seem like an entertaining game. Reporters who didn’t even bother with feigning the objectivity of their profession instead spewed hatred and resentment for the lost election of 2016.


Naturally, the Democrats were angry because the most qualified person who had ever sought the American presidency had been defeated. The Democratic presidential candidate was so qualified that they didn’t even need to campaign very much in some of the more critical states, because it was clear to everyone in the media of the superiority of the 2016 Democratic presidential candidate, when compared to the upstart Republican candidate. The consistent denials of the president did no good; the Democrats had to have one of their own investigate and find out just what happened, since the election had been so obviously corrupted.


Even with only two presidents in all of American history impeached, this president was ripe for the first successful removal from office via impeachment. For those of you unfamiliar with history, the two prior presidents who were impeached by the House of Representatives, and yet the Senate refused to remove either, were Andrew Johnson or Bill Clinton. Yes, Richard Nixon resigned from office, when it was clear his removal was inevitable.


The Side Arguments

In a bitter defeat, the Democrats are now insisting that they see the full report, with the hope that the details will reveal something that Mueller missed. There were interviews with people in secure positions within the U. S. government, and classified information is likely in the report. But national security is nothing to the Democrats, it is revenge that has taken hold of their psyches, and their frustration is so overwhelming it cannot be contained. This was their savior, Mueller, and now he has left the building with nothing more to say, his deeply desired condemnation and recommendation of impeachment never to reach the hungry ears of the disgruntled Democrats.


But it’s not enough. The Democrats are still looking for something on which to hang their hats, and to hang (figuratively, of course) the sitting president. They now insist that they be given the whole report, national secrets and all, in one last desperate hope that they can find something, anything, with which to charge the president. There is no need for national security when the urgency of the Democrat’s desire reaches its apex. The behavior of the Democrats, with their outright lies and incredible speculation, along with the spurious origins of this whole sordid affair, reflects their inability to handle anything more secret than the White House menu for the next month.


It’s About Character

I see less and less character in the elected representatives of the United States. Unable to win, and unable to accept losing, they resort to an investigation costing millions and yielding nothing but charges against illegal moves made by campaign managers. At this point in time, to be a campaign manager you need a lawyer overseeing every decision you make, because having the campaign pay for that Big Mac you had on the road of the campaign can cost you several decades in federal prison. Of course, the Democrats are now charging even more corruption that somehow infected their savior, Mr. Mueller, who was supposed to lead them to the promised land of an executive office without President Trump. Any more investigations should come out of the paychecks of the representatives who initiate the investigation. Paying millions to their own people to examine a public official, and then, when they don’t get the results that they want, like spoiled children, they want more millions thrown away for yet another fool’s errand. Enough is enough. If anything, the people who need investigating are the Hillary-backing government officials who generated the documents that lead to the suspicion in the first place. In order to put the dossier that the Clinton-backers supplied that started this whole mess on the back burner, or make it fade away, the Democrats must make even more noise about collusion. It never happened. Get over it, and start trying to serve your constituents, and not each other, or your failed candidate. Stop spending taxpayer money on party-generated investigations, and start serving as the elected representatives you are obliged to be.



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