Allow Illegals to Vote (with a Caveat)

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The Democratic led U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a bill to defend and encourage aliens (illegal and otherwise) when voting in local elections. (March 2019) I’m not sure what that means.  Just six months ago the GOP passed a bill that discouraged such voting.


The Democrats (the left) would actually prefer that aliens (illegal and otherwise) be allowed to vote in all elections, including state and federal.  But, like much of their agenda, it is politically wise to hide that from the general public… for now.



I am, of course, against any aliens voting in any election at any level.  I agree with one Representative from Texas concerning the measure.  “It sounds like I’m making it up. What kind of government would cancel the vote of its own citizens, and replace it with noncitizens?” -- Rep. Dan Crenshaw, Texas Republican.


The congressman’s question is rhetorical.  The answer is, of course, government that has grown impatient with native peasants not bending the knee fast or low enough.  Government that has decided that it will be better and quicker to import thralls that will support and help achieve progressive goals quicker and on better terms.  The answer is “liberal government”.



BUT… all that aside; as one who believes in self-determination, I also believe that local governments, on the county and lower level, should be allowed to make those decisions for themselves.  If they want non-citizens to vote, so be it.  On a LOCAL level.


Now, on a federal level, it is illegal for non-citizens to vote and it should remain so.  I think that restrictions should also apply to state wide elections, simply because of the influence such offices can have on federal elections.


With that in mind, as a conservative, I encourage Republicans to allow local jurisdictions to decide for themselves; which I think is already the case.  I would also encourage Republicans to push for their local jurisdictions to not allow any non-citizens to vote in any elections… but accept the results either way.


Fair enough?  (Side Note: That doesn’t mean that decisions made by such jurisdictions can’t be pointed out as stupid and Un-American.  We still have the right and duty to point out the Emperor has no clothes.)



The Caveat:

I would like to add a caveat to my support of local voter determination above.  The GOP should stay out of dictating how locals run their affairs.  But the affairs of the republic?  That’s a different matter entirely.  That must be protected from foreign/alien influence in the most stringent of terms.


Unfortunately, and predictably, the left will never support this caveat and in doing so will expose their real agenda, their hypocrisy, and their intellectual dishonesty.


But here it goes.  That caveat is that ANY alien (illegal and otherwise) caught voting in a state or federal election should be subject to immediate deportation; losing all right to ever reside in the U.S. or become a citizen.  Anyone helping or encouraging such behavior by non-citizens should be subject to stiff civil and criminal punishment.  That’s it.


It’s just common sense.  From a conservative perspective, such law would certainly be a deterrent to such illegal activity.  No alien (illegal or otherwise) would risk it.  From a liberal perspective you’re not giving up anything BECAUSE it NEVER happens.  Right?  Right?


But, again, the left will never consider such a measure, despite the rhetoric that this NEVER happens.  Why?  Well that’s a very good question and there are two very good reasons.

1) The left knows better in regard to it NEVER happening.  It’s more prevalent than they will honestly admit.

2) Leftist policy on immigration (legal and illegal) and border security is premised on one simple belief.  That every poor, uneducated immigrant (legal and illegal) that crosses our border is a future vote for their cause.  And they are likely right.


Side Issue:

The Democratic Party also recently proposed that the Federal voting age be lowered to 16.  Again, no surprise; when ignorance reigns the left wins, so ignorance is championed and propagated by the left continually.


No… of course sixteen-year-olds are not, as a rule, informed or mature enough to vote; thus, the perfect Democratic constituent.


Personally, I think we should set an age; be it 12, 16, 18, 21, 35… whatever.  Before that you are a child (legally).  At that point/age you’re an adult with all the privileges, responsibilities, and consequences that go with it.  All adult activity (the draft, drinking, big boy prison, consent, procreating… voting…) is all yours to enjoy and suffer at THAT age.



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