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Just the Facts First:

On October 28, 1994, (mark this date, it's important) Hoda Muthana was born in the United States; New Jersey to be exact.  From there she was blessed to grow up in this great nation (the U.S.), mostly in state of Alabama.  It has been reported that she grew up in a very strict Muslim household.


Her father (Ahmed Ali Muthana) had been a U.S. diplomat to the United Nations from Yemeni.  Her father was discharged from his post about a month before she was born (CNN says months as in plural).  He applied for (and was granted) permanent immigration status afterward because of war in his home country.


In 2014, nine-teen year old Hoda was in college.  Unbeknown to her parents, she got a U.S. passport; then took the money her parents had given her to go to college and… used it to make her way to Syria with the intent of joining ISIS as a Jihadi bride.  Once married off to some Islamic dirt-bag... she participated in ISIS propaganda.


For example, Hoda (and other Jihadi brides) held a little ritual where they burned their foreign passports.  She tweeted "Bonfire soon, no need for these anymore, alhamdulliah [thanks be to Allah].”  The tweet included a photo of her and the other women’s Western passports in hand.



Another example, Hoda later encouraged (via twitter) American Muslims "Men and women altogether. You have much to do while you live under our greatest enemy, enough of your sleeping!  Go on drive-bys and spil all of their blood, or rent a big truck and drive all over them. Veterans, Patriot, Memorial etc Day parades..go on drive by’s + spill all of their blood or rent a big truck n drive all over them. Kill them."


As late as March 2017, Hoda tweeted "We have men (and women!) who love death as ardently as you love your lives! I was watching an American documentary on a battle in Afghanistan and the Americans are such cowards. Crying and shaking on the battlefield and saying, 'our aim is to get everyone home where they belong.' While our men's aim on the battlefield is to reunite with our Lord. Our honor is in jihad, either victory or shahadah [martyrdom]. These men cry for their lives while we cry for our death (shahadah)!"


You get the idea…


The Legal Question:

A few months ago, Hoda was captured (or she escaped and surrendered by her story) to U.S./Kurdish forces.  She was taken to a refugee camp in Syria where she has been ever sense.  From there she has begun her attempt to return to the United States.  She is one of many Western Jihadi brides there trying to go “home”.  Most are from Europe.



Hoda’s case is a bit special, thank God (not the same as Allah).  If Hoda was a U.S. citizen; it would be a done deal.  She may face prison when she returns (determined by a very broken court system), but legally she would have the absolute right to return.


But there's the rub. Is Hoda a United States citizen?  Hoda and her lawyers say yes by virtue of birthright citizenship (where simply being born on U.S. soil infers citizenship).  BUT that does not apply to children of diplomats to the U.S; and never has.  Her father (Ahmed Ali Muthana) was a diplomat (as stated above) but was released a month or two before her birth from the position... BUT he still held a diplomatic passport and enjoyed the privileges and immunities that come with that.


Trump's administration says (of course) she never was a citizen and she is not welcome to return.  And before all you anti-Trump nuts go into "Trump Baaaaadddd!" braying mode; the Obama administration said the same thing about three years ago when they revoked Hoda’s passport saying it never should have been issued in the first place… because… she’s not a citizen.


Again, you get the idea...


Dear Old Dad:

Today Ahmed Ali Muthana is working to get his daughter "home" (back to the states) ... filing law suits and such-like.  I do not blame the man.  What father wouldn't do everything he could to ensure the safety of his daughter and grandchild even if she had committed such wrong.



I will pause at this time to acknowledge that years ago Ahmed Ali Muthana (Hoda's father) had denounced his daughter's actions stating, "I want to apologize for what my daughter did." ... "I believe she been brainwashed.  She’s not that kind of girl. They brainwashed her.


Hoda had a chance to reply to her father at the time, stating "Everyone’s parents or family members says that about those who have come here.  To that I say, 'Fear Allah, fear Allah with what you accuse us of.'"


An interesting note in all this, is that lawsuits is about the limit of the support he can offer.  He can’t send her money… because it’s illegal to send money to terrorist organizations or individuals (and rightly so). 


One of his court petitions (heard Monday 3/4) sought to have her case expedited in the courts (because she is in danger in the Syrian camp).  The judge ruled that sufficient evidence of that danger was not presented.  The petition also sought permission to send her money.  That too was denied.  (Wow, how often do you see such common sense in a judge these days.)



So, what are the bullet points.

♦ Nineteen-year-old Muslim girl gets radicalized and joins ISIS.

♦ Due to her heritage, her American citizenship is in question.  If you think about it, she probably qualified for DACA, but the point is moot now.

♦ When ISIS was going gangbusters, she was all in on ISIS bandwagon, marrying three Jihadis, having kids and pushing propaganda.  This is the minimum that we’re sure of… there could be more.

♦ When ISIS fell on hard times, she came to her “senses” and looked for the exit from the shit-hole country and circumstances she found herself in.

♦ Given her actions, there are those of us who hope she never darkens our door again; and we hope to use her questionable citizenship to assure that.


TexasLynn Analysis:

So, I ask myself, what should happen to Hoda Muthana from an American perspective?  But to answer that question, I think we must ask and answer a few other questions first. So, let's do that.


Question: Would Hoda have had her same revelation that ISIS is not the good guys if things hadn't turned south for the terrorist organization?


Answer: No.  I don't think so.  If ISIS was still viable and not on the ropes, I think she would still be spouting propaganda and supporting terrorist husbands.  Hoda Muthana didn't just come to her senses as she participated in terror over the years.  She just realized that this %$#@ (her current circumstances) sucks.  It was only then that she was captured by (she says escaped/surrendered to) U.S. forces as the noose tightened around the neck of ISIS.


I will note that Hoda's answer to this is that she wanted to escape long before she did but was a prisoner in the sense that she would have been killed if she tried to leave ISIS territory.


Question: Is Hoda really remorseful about her mistakes or is she remorseful that things didn't go as planned.


Answer: Again, from her demeanor, real remorse is not the sense I get.  She reminds me more of the gal who regrets getting caught than a gal regretting the crime.


I base this on not hearing much of any denunciation of ISIS.  Sure, there is the standard "What they do is not Islam" trope... but where is the passion and verbose prose she summoned to denounce America and her defenders?


Look, I’m not asking that she renounce Islam (though that would be a good idea); but where is a tweet or statement like “My dead husbands are now burning in hell for the terror and murder they inflicted upon so many innocents.  My fate would have been the same had I not seen ISIS as the work of the devil himself.  I implore moderate Muslims who truly value the ideals of the prophet to come and kill those who still follow the evil path my husbands walked.  As for me, I see now.  As for my son, I will help him see and abandon that siren call to evil.”  Something like that…  but I won’t hold my breath…


If I thought Hoda Muthana was beyond a doubt remorseful for what she did, I’d be ready to bring her back; to give her a second chance as she has requested; but the burden of proof is on her and I find her pleadings falling very short.  I’m not convinced.


What I Propose:

With my conclusion that Hoda is lacking in the "real" remorse department, I encourage the Trump administration to stay the course.  Fight her in the courts for every inch; starting with her citizenship status.  Do your best to be sure she never sets foot on U.S. soil again.  And when that fails, prosecute and jail her for as much time in prison as you can get.


I say "when that fails" because all it will take is one liberal judge (who hates this nation as much as Hoda does) to get her back over here; and given our court system, it’s just a matter of time.


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