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Sometimes I wish

that I could be

a small child again

just feeling so free


living the moment

tomorrow's no thing

no sorrows of future

whatever may bring


life when one gets older

creates family

or not, well whatever

the burdens that be


amassed obligations

not thinking before

just led by emotions

that corset weighs more


until bubble bursting

by anger and hate

but now there's no time left

because it's too late


A world without problems

as all of us dream

is rather illusional

we struggle and scream


Seem to have forgotten

to free our small minds

not creating problems

of quite useless kinds


Important is only

our life and our kids

no status defending

no silicone tits


Just try to stay modest

grateful you've got health

go out play with children

and piss about wealth.


My week's motto...should be a life motto, in fact :-)



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