The anti-Venezuela propaganda campaign

The most enlightening aspect of this current anti-democratic, anti-Venezuela propaganda campaign, is the almost complete uniformity of compliance, by almost all media outlets, in most nations, without the merest attempt to question or verify the ludicrous assertions being pushed.

It is exposing the utter dearth of real journalism, independence or integrity of all those "news" organizations.


"All the news you are allowed to hear".


This event provides a very clear sample of the extreme control exerted over both our actual foreign policy and virtaully all media / news groups, by whichever shadowy individuals or group that are really making all the important decisions, not just for our US "democracy" and Trump, but for most of the rest of World.


It would not be very difficult to trace this well-exposed and quite blatant "chain of command" from the real source, down to Trump et al, assuming there are any investigative journalists, or group of democracy defending officials left to do so.


The CIA / NSA could track it down in a few minutes, if they are not already aware, which we must assume they are, as they appear totally unconcerned that some group other than the USG is very obviously running this nation.


Perhaps the CIA are the actual conduit for such command decisions.


Who really gave the CIA, Trump and the MSM their marching orders to attack Venezuela?