End of the internet

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Your precious internet is being taken over by the big money interests. Check out you tube. It was not that long ago you could find something interesting to watch without censorship and without commercials. Not any more. Now you can watch what they make available and you have to put up with commercials ad nauseum. There is no alternative. That's right, the internet is being bought out. And you are being sold out. Remember television? How you could watch TV all you wanted for free? They could not stand letting that go on. So you had to buy cable to watch TV. Monthly payments for ever. Now we have internet. We still have monthly payments but now we are required to pay more on top of that to watch what we want. And if you want to comment on anything your comments will be censored and if not you will be ridiculed by swarms of anonymous commenters employed by the powers that be. The internet is evolving into the big brother of 1984.

     Check out you tube and what is on their "suggested" list. Videos that promote ad infested  and pay television. "Greatest commercials of" as if commercials were great. And what about the "expose" of the "Panama Papers"? They sure shut that down fast. No Americans got exposed. And what about the trial of "El Chapo"? There is testimony of bribes paid to governments but not the American government. All that is being kept secret.

     The internet was for a short time a place where people could put what they wanted. Not any more. Another example is "Google Earth" Ever wonder why you cannot get images of what is happening right now? The government can get those images. You can not because you would be able to track what they are up to. And what about the "National security" excuse for hiding the truth?

     The internet seemed like a good idea at first. Now it's welcome to 1984.