Oil is no longer an asset

Oil is going to be around for a while longer, but gone within my lifetime (I'm 50, figure in 50 years). The idea is investing in big projects with short life spans is not profitable; there is no ROI on the oil sands or underwater projects. That is why I think it is all about share sales, not industry development.


I found it funny last year when Suncor brought in autonomous, EV trucks to the oil sands...it was incredibly ironic an oil company was using electric vehicles, and no one considered the ramifications. They wanted to make a buck, and didn't care the human cost. So, we had truckers out advocating for the pipelines (note, no PR firms) even though those building the pipelines are getting rid of those trucker jobs. The issue was not industry development, but industry profile to sell shares.


Oil is the energy. A car can go from A to B without oil; ICE cars cannot. A horse is the energy in a horse and buggy scenario, and you are right, whip the incentive. Once alternative energies were found, new ways of moving were found. EVs replace ICE cars; cars replaced horse and buggies. The whips and ICE cars were similarly abandoned. It's not the best metaphor, and I wish I could remember the writer. I think the market has already peaked, probably last year, and we are having pointless debates.