Why We Need to Hear God When He Speaks to Us

On another blog, after I wrote that God informed me that Trump was to be president, an Anonymous commenter wrote: "What an awesome responsibility to have a direct, conversational linkage with god."


I don’t know if this commentator is my resident troll who sits in the seat of the scornful (Ps 1:1) But I took the question as serious. Anon, you are correct. Hearing from God is an awesome responsibility which requires action on our part.


As a matter of fact, the prophet Amos tells us that 3:7 "When the Lord God decides to do something, he will first tell his servants, the prophets. 8 When the Lord God speaks, a prophet must prophesy."


St Paul wrote that he wanted all Christians to prophecy ( 1 Cor 14:5) So Anon, it follows if you are to prophecy, you must first be able to hear God.


Prophecy has a number of elements. One includes foretelling. Another is prophecy as causative.

In causative prophesying, the believer hears what God wants. Then prophesying causes God’s will to be done. God created the universe by speaking it into existence. Now he does creative work by the spoken word of the prophet.


The Old Testament is full of stories of causative prophesying. One of the most dramatic account is when God told Ezekiel to prophesy over a valley of dry bones. The skeletons stood upright and became an army. I always believe God placed over-the-top stories to illustrate what is possible when we are operating at the top of our game.


In the case of Trump, the Lord began to alert the prophets in the early 2000's. He wanted Trump to be president. Several taped the prophecies. Others wrote books. I began supporting him  on my blog. It became the prophets’ work to take what was in the spiritual realm and declare it manifested in the physical.


Tens of thousands of us all over the world did just that. Trump won.


Yes, it is an awesome responsibility when God speaks to us.