Dispelling Republican arguments regarding immigration

Look at yourself in the mirror!!! What do you see ?? The offspring of the european invasion ...Just because your ancestors put a picket fence doesn't mean we need another !!!! just as dumb as the fat boy seating in the white house !!


Undocumented individuals are not committing felonies.. look it up … It is true we need an immigration reform more than a stupid wall. Immigration laws are not the same as criminal laws .. educate yourself and you will see that the president is faking a crisis …. There is no invasion , it is call immigration and it has been going on since the 1500's...…..


How can undocumented families or individuals get government handouts ?? They do not exist in the system .. On the other hand I see a drug epidemic and those people can not go to work and depend on the government to subsidized even their addictions...… unemployment is at a record low so how can they be taking blue collar jobs when you guys won't feel the empty positions... besides .. immigrants and immigration have built this country ….


Access to education regardless of color of skin or status is cover under the constitution.. no bullshit !!! part of USA policies like it or not !!!


Why don't support undocumented families? .. they do not qualify for public assistance.... they work 2 to 3 jobs and get pay minimum or below minimum wages .. no over time …. who hires them?? rich white guys like Trump !!!!