The libtards bloviate the hardest

On Acting A.G. Whitaker Sparing with House Judiciary Committee over Special Counsel


Seems to me Lois Lerner stonewalled every question thrown at her back a few years and I don’t recall any Democrats disparaging her lack of clarity, same for holder in fast and furious, Comey testimony, McCabe.... hypocrites all. 

Bottom line, today’s politics, whoever is in charge of a self important committee where they can blowviate all day is going to ask ridiculous question, beat a dead horse and be irrelevant. People testifying are are going to stonewall if guilty or if there is a security level estimation. People with nothing to hide are going to be indignant at the stupidity of the line of questioning if it is repetitive and irrelevant. 


Both sides do it, but the libtards are public feigners of indignation and bloviate the hardest.