DRAFT: Are Americans Being Held Back By The Rich???

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<div class="sppre_message-details"> <div class="sppre_wrapper">Does anyone really listen to these political speeches, especially when they prove to contradict themselves with great hypocrisy?</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">&#160;</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">Elizabeth Warren said she was her daddy's little girl, the daughter of a simple janitor, who was given the opportunity to attend our greatest universities, she and her husband becoming multimillionaires, she achieving the position of US Senator, and now has the opportunity to run for the Presidency of the USA, but wants to change the USA's system that holds people of little means back, where they are not allowed to accomplish anything, while also claiming she was a person of little means by being an American Indian.</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">&#160;</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">Can anyone tell me where this could ever happen anywhere in the world besides the USA, as Elizabeth Warren claims there is no opportunity for people of little means, the minorities that she claimed to be a member of for at least the last 40 years, and she wants to become President in order to change all this?</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">&#160;</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">They say the American people's averaged yearly wage is $56 to $58 thousand a year, and if you ask people of those means, I can assure you they would consider anyone who has or is worth a million dollars or more, is considered to be rich, and has achieved great success through the opportunity that has been afforded them in the USA's system, and were never held back because they were people of little means, a daughter of a simple janitor.</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">&#160;</div> <div class="sppre_wrapper">Elizabeth Warren wants to change all this. WHY? Only as an excuse to get elected.&#160; Elizabeth Warren's life is proof of her hypocrisy about the reason she claims she wants to be President, but what else can anyone ever<strong></strong><strong></strong> expect of her, she is a Democrat.</div> </div>