How to pay for a green New Deal

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 Start  with medicare for all.  According to a study by the Koch brothers Medicare for all will cost 32 trillion dollars over 10 years.  What goes unmentioned is that the same report
shows that if we do nothing the cost to the nation over the same period
will be 34 trillion dollars.  Further medicare for all may put cash in
your pocket.  Today we are paid partially by the benefit of medical
insurance that our employers buy for us.  With Medicare for all those
wages could be paid directly as cash and should more than offset any
increase in taxes. They should be more than the taxes for the following
reasons. First the employer will be relieved of the administrative costs
imposed by the necessity of providing a product that is not his
specialty.  What does a battery business know about healthcare?  By relieving these businesses of these costs we also make our businesses more competitive in the world market because other countries dont impose these costs on their small businesses. Second a medicare for all will enable the customer to negotiate with providers for the lowest cost by the sheer numbers that providers will lose by not negotiating.  This has been shown time and again that the largest customer is always able to get the steepest discounts. Finally the medical provider will be able to lower costs by being relieved of the administrative costs of negotiating with 30 different insurance providers to be reimbursed.  The US spends almost double what Canada does in administrative costs on healthcare.  All these should result in an increase in the real wage of workers.  Under the status quo real wages havent risen for the wage earner since 1980 despite massive gains in productivity which have gone into the hands of the wealthiest.  This is one way to turn that around and start to increase the standard of living.


   The cost of free education at state universities would be about 69 billion dollars per year.  We currently spend about 62 billion dollars on financial aid.  This money needs to be looked at as an investment.  By providing free education to our citizens  in areas that will be in demand in the future we can reduce the need to bring in foreign workers who tend to sen much of their earnings overseas.  We would see a higher tax base as our workers qualified for higher paying jobs.  We would see increased productivity as our workforce became more expensive the use of technology would increase as manual labor becomes too expensive to inhibit tech advances. This has already happened in countries like Denmark with some of the best educated citizens in the world. 


And finally no one seems to want to talk about the elephant in the room. 
This years military budget is 700 billion dollars.  This is so bloated
and unnecessary that we could cut it in half and still outspend every
other nation by a larger margin.  It no longer bears any relation to
national defense but functions more as a jobs program  and as a source of
corporate welfare.  As a jobs program it is extremely inefficient because
the jobs it creates contribute nothing to the future growth potential of
the country.  For instance taking a portion of that money and repairing
our desperately underfunded and dangerous roads and bridges could insure
that commerce continues for the foreseeable future.  This contributes
more to our welfare as a nation than armor plated  troop transports that
sit idle waiting to be destroyed in the deserts of Arabia.  As far as its
role as corporate welfare why do we hate to provide the poorest among us
with food and shelter and some measure of dignity for a pittance of we
provide to the richest people in the country. I am appalled by the
indifference we show to the elderly in this country. What other
industrialized nation allows its senior citizens to sleep on the streets
in the rain and cold when it could provide them with a safe warm place to
stay at a fraction of the cost of the the tax cuts we just gave to the
wealthiest of us. Why does Mitt Romney pay 14% of his income in taxes
when his secretary pays 30%.. This idea that we cant pay to for things
that will only enrich us as a people is pure bs fed to us daily by
billionaires like Trump and Bezos and we keep buying it literally voting
against our own interests because someone labels something socialist.
Forget about the stupid labels. Where was the we cant afford this when
the bankers came looking for a bailout in 2008. We somehow found a way
to ensure that the guys who nearly destroyed the worlds economy and
foreclosed on thousands of homes got their multi million dollar bonuses.