If the EU can't adjust it will die

"The Project" was a post war Liberal concept, inevitably is based on just the two moral values that liberals enjoy. Lacking the other three moral values means liberals celebrate diversity, are mass pro-immigration and love change even if this pushes towards chaos (e.g. Merkel's mass Muslim immigration). Liberals view ingroup loyalty and cultural values as negatives. However at best around 1/3 of the public share the liberal viewpoint.


Moderates and conservatives have Haidt's five moral values and so view the world quite differently, placing importance on cultural values and ingroup loyalty.


Researchers have shown that conservatives (5 moral values) can easily pretend to think like liberals (i.e. that they lack 3 moral values). Liberals simply cannot pretend to think like conservatives because they cannot pretend to have these three other moral values. Liberal thinking therefore is we are right, you are wrong. Simples.


This difference explains why liberals are very limited by their calcified thinking and so blind to the problem of moving to a single superstate based on just their values.


The ignored populist backlash to imposed liberalism has been slowly rising for years. However 25% voted for populist parties recently in Europe and populism is on a roll as the 2019 elections will show.


Liberals cannot win because they cannot have policies that meet the needs of the majority they do not understand, and think are wrong.


Liberals in charge of the EU makes for an inflexible response to the problems that liberalism has created.


If the EU can't adjust it will die.