The West's Moral Nadir

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Foreword:  This article was inspired by a very good article written by Esme (If We Were Really Serious About Rape Prevention).  She was castigated by those here, personally, to such an extent I felt I should weigh in with a comment.  However, that comment became an article.  Please know that every word is in support of her writing along with my own considerations.



Women are in a difficult position today.  Women have the most powerful social currency at their disposal -- sexual attraction.  They are now given the freedom to wield it freely.  Without the historically typical restraints on this power (religion, social etiquette, etc), women can act freely, as individuals, as they are doing today.  Additionally, technology has given women unparalleled access to individual expression and the ability to exploit this sexual power.  Corporations gladly profit by using this to sell all kinds of products -- because it is the single most powerful method to garnish attention.


We have a very powerful political and liberal culture that is telling women that they can live as they want without consideration for their protection . . . because they are equal to men and have the right to live in liberty and be protected while doing so.  In modern times, technology has amplified this message orders of magnitude.  Half of me agrees with this definition of liberty.  People should live free and express themselves appropriately as freedom is the single biggest factor in progressing society.  However, with freedom comes responsibility and accountability to others.  Without responsibility and accountability, freedom becomes antisocial, narcissistic, and ultimately destructive which is what we are seeing today in our western cultures.


Modern liberalism tells a woman she can wield her power at her will, freely, but do not give her the necessary tools for protection . . . and certainly does not call for personal responsibility.  Women need protection.  Any good father will tell you that.  If women choose to stray into dangerous territory, unprotected, they will be victims . . . eventually. 

In the end, we have way too many victims and a #metoo culture which should be the dead canary warning us that something is severely broken.  Unfortunately, that same powerful culture will then blame men without considering that they themselves and their willing accomplices (women) have very much to do with creating victims.  Where's accountability?

Now, I am all about individual freedom.  However, we cannot neglect to consider that humans have not ever lived truly free -- we have evolved over millennia with social restraints and cultural protections.  We are social creatures and have evolved within our social structures.    The foundations of society and human DNA are mortally interlinked.  The two are not separate.


This sexually unbridled culture will eventually play out in full.  Either we will re-learn what our cultural genome has already programmed in us, or we will evolve into tribes where everyone walks around with their junk out, mates ad-hoc, and our culture is driven back to basic urges.


The evolution of humans as intellectual beings -- are we going to be driven by base instincts or rise intellectually?  Clothing (modesty) is a very important part of intellectual societies.  Clothing protects people, not only from the elements but also from unnecessary base sexual urges. 

There are many basic emotions that prevent the brain from engaging its higher intellectual gears.  To name a few: hunger; fear; pain.  Another -- sexual attraction for which the male half of society is particularly suspect.  Humans cannot, in a few generations, change what nature has programmed in their genes through millions of years.  Until then, our societies become more stupid as with every turn of the eye, is refocused from any higher intellectual thinking back to basic reproductive instincts. 


I suppose none of you "intellectual" wonders here of the progressive-left stripe ever wondered why China has modesty laws and enforces them rigorously.  They look at the west wondering just how long it will be before "liberty" turns our culture into a moral puree.  They understand very well that societies do not stand without moral codes based on social accountability.  The main issue I have with China's method is that it compels accountability by force rather than voluntarily.  Perhaps China's method is the only rational answer as humans, with freedom and lavish means, will revert back to sub-basic human instincts.  After all, we are more emotional animals.  Rational, the ability to think logically over emotion, is a very late evolutionary change with only marginal testing of time (evolutionary speaking).


We are living in a great experiment.  These times -- our times.  I do not have a clue how this will turn out.  It may bid us well.  It could go very bad.  Intellectual societies will either revert back to protecting women/men and reclaim personal responsibility -- the inseparable partner of freedom. 

Or . . .

Humans will evolve (or devolve) intellectually.  Perhaps conservative societies like China and Russia become the dominant cultures in our world.   Maybe Japan is the trend for liberal societies where mating becomes mainly virtual as copulation/reproduction becomes too expensive and too precarious losing almost 1 million a year as old populations die out and never replaced.


Either way this goes, it is going to be painful to change.  Sexual and intellectual health in the west is at a nadir.


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