We already live in a socialistic world

Labeling communism as socialism doesn't change the fact of what it really is.


Also, no one actually owns their "own property". No one really owns anything, including their wages. First of all, we're taxed on what we earn. Then we're taxed again (a couple of ways) on what we purchase. And just try not paying the taxes on your house and the property on which it sets - - you'll quickly find out who really owns it. Ditto for your car - don't wanna pay the taxes at the time of purchase? Well then, you're without a car.


We already live in a socialistic world in many ways, people just refuse to realize it so they go along with it without saying a word in their own defense.


Don't get me totally wrong - we have many freedoms other countries do not have, but no country in the world is truly "free". Evidently NK knew that a long time ago and wanted to throw it in our American faces even back in the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's. Then LBJ finished throwing it in our faces in the mid 1960's.