Tyranny is not confined to socialism

Tyranny is not confined to socialism, nor does socialism ipso facto mean tyranny as you suggest. Nor is it absent, as we well know, from the very government We People are alleged to have instituted.


The Dictatorship of the Majority is the definition of a democracy, as opposed to a constitutional republic. But even the republic form can be tyrannical. The truth is, a benign dictatorship can be better than a corrupted republic or democracy. Despite its being demonized in the MSM, Gadaffi's socialist-dictatorship Libya was putting Western democracies to shame with its highly progressive social policies.


The problem here has been that materialistic lust was, and has been, sold as freedom; so as long as people had that illusion in mind, they never recognized they were indentured economic slaves under the auspices of the usury of private banking. Bottom line, truly free societies were genocided by Euro aristocrats to create the illusion of freedom called the Land of the Free. It was the Land FOR Free - stolen, in other words. All that happened in the "people's" revolution is that the colony went from overt control by Crown/aristocracy to covert control by same. “Colonies do not cease to be colonies because they are independent.” - Benjamin Disraeli


One key is that tyrrany takes different forms in various political setups. In the "free" systems, it manifests most effectively, though largely unrecognized, as economic slavery sold as freedom—in a system that promotes and exploits materialistic lust, wealth and property hoarding. It's mediated via interest-bearing debt and income taxes (both legalized innate crime), and inflation (a contrived hidden tax).


I suggest that all forms of Institutionalized Government are Elite constructs for mass herding and control. No matter how good they look on paper, with the wealth and power conferred upon the Elite via the normal operation of economies, they can easily be infiltrated and function to serve Elite interests. This goes way beyond mere lobbying, bribery, "money in politics," and so on.


With their bulging eyes focused on material prosperity and superficial fascinations, and with their heads bulging with cleverly fielded, starry-eyed propaganda, the people have allowed the Government to become almost entirely controlled by Elite policy. The latter has, from Day One, guided US foreign policy.