Democrats Are Sinful Hypocrites. Just Like Everyone Else.

Both the press corps Democrats and the political Democrats have used President Trump’s election to advance the idea that their side is scandal free, racist free, and pure as the driven snow. They have asked Americans to ignore much and have loudly raised standards to impossible heights to ensure they have a moral advantage over their political opponents.


“Believe all women,” they claimed. Brett Kavanaugh was unqualified to be on the Supreme Court because of an unproven accusation. Then other, less credible allegations came in, some with stories that kept changing, and we were all supposed to still believe them.


Anyone who voted for President Trump was presumed to be a racist. Republicans had to quickly denounce anyone and everyone who said anything that even hinted at being racist. The Democrats have turned a blind eye to problematic bigots within their own party. They have used allies in the press to paint this bigotry as a Republican stunt.


But they cannot hide now thanks to Virginia.


It seems God has a sense of humor. After Democrat Kathy Tran offered up legislation legalizing infanticide and Governor Ralph Northam defended infanticide, the Democrats’ sins found them out. God must be chuckling.


A ‘concerned citizen’ let reporters know about Ralph Northam’s sins. Governor Northam appeared in blackface in medical school and apologized for putting the picture in his yearbook. Then he denied the yearbook picture was actually a picture of him. The Virginia Attorney General demanded Governor Northam resign over appearing in blackface even though it was 35 years ago.


The Lt. Governor of Virginia is now, under the Democrats’ Kavanaugh standard, credibly accused of sexual assault. In fact, his accuser has hired Christine Blasey Ford’s lawyers and Lt. Governor Fairfax has hired Kavanaugh’s. Unlike Ford, Dr. Vanessa Tyson has a detailed description of what happened, when it happened, and where it happened.


The National Organization of Women demands Fairfax resign. He probably won’t.


In a new twist, the Attorney General who demanded Northam resign over appearing in blackface is now admitted he did it too. He is not resigning though.


Democrats have been setting high standards for everyone else so they can weaponize past actions and allegations. Now they will be exposed as hypocrites for failing to live up to those standards. They will shift and redirect and rationalize. Their media allies will help them. But it is too late. They are exposed.


Turns out they are like everybody else — sinners in the hands of an angry God.