The Democratic Party itself did NOT start the KKK

The Democratic Party did NOT start the KKK. Democrats, meaning that people who were members of the Democratic Party started the KKK.


People need to keep the facts straight. This so important because so many politicians on BOTH sides skew facts to make themselves look better while making others look bad. The enemy is within and we must be vigilant against them all as they are not and will have your best interests in mind unless it furthers their agenda. In other words doing good for the American people is not on their agenda. If some good comes of what they do then they take credit and if not well they shift blame on the next patsy in line. Always plenty of them around.

To further amend this which was originally a comment to an article:

The Democratic Party did not create the KKK however Democrats did and perpetuated it in Congress. When it was created the primary player and founder William Joseph Simmons on 1915 enlisted over 150 members of Government and it became a party wide group. FYI it was Republicans ( yes Lincoln was a Republican) that freed the slaves and started the civil rights legislation and have continued that legacy. The Democratic party just kept the KKK alive in a more clandestine way. They perpetuate racism in so many ways and more subtle too. Unless you look at what they do often its easy to miss but make no mistake their plans include keeping minorities economically challenged. Then they give them things to placate them and somehow garner their votes. Less education helps and oh they have done a very good job of dumbing down the education system. Many kids graduating today can barely read, do basic math and they surely cannot write coherent sentences.