Are "Free Press" Claimants Really "Guardians Of Freedom", Or Are They "Faking It"?

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The Washington Post's Super Bowl 'LIII' Very Expensive Advertisement !!! 
(Made up ideals that they want Americans to believe that they uphold.)

When we go off to war.
When we exercise our rights.
When we soar to our greatest heights.
When we mourn and pray.
When our neighbors are at risk.
When our nation is threatened.
There’s someone to gather the facts.
To bring you the story.
No matter the cost.
Because knowing empowers us.
Knowing helps us decide.
Knowing keeps us free.
The problem here is when those who claim to know and inform us of the truth, constantly reports "Fake News", and then covers-up and keeps hidden from the American people, the truth of what they have chosen not to report about their political opposition.  Then those who claim to know and inform us of the truth become extremely political, instead of being fair, balanced, and neutral.  So then the American people no longer trust those who claim to know and inform us of the truth, when they are proven to have violated those same ideals on a daily basis.  "THIS IS YOU WASHINGTON POST", and your new owner.  What "HUBRIS" you show when you think that the American people are not smart enough to recognize your bias and bigotry, and then make-up this "Fake Advertisement" to go along with your record of creating "Fake News", by using only anonymous sources, who can't be questioned and investigated to discover the real truth.