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<div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap"> <div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap">The Washington Post's Super Bowl 'LIII' Very Expensive Advertisement !!!&#160;</div> <div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap">(Made up ideals that they want Americans to believe that they uphold.)</div> </div> <div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap"><br />When we go off to war.<br />When we exercise our rights.<br />When we soar to our greatest heights.<br />When we mourn and pray.<br />When our neighbors are at risk.<br />When our nation is threatened.<br />There&#8217;s someone to gather the facts.<br />To bring you the story.<br />No matter the cost.<br />Because knowing empowers us.<br />Knowing helps us decide.</div> <div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap">Knowing keeps us free.</div> <div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap">&#160;</div> <div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap">&#160;</div> <div class="ydpb83b91dbyiv1886473996ydpc7442cf0yahoo-style-wrap">The problem here is when those who claim to know and inform us of the truth, constantly reports "Fake News", and then covers-up and keeps hidden from the American people, the truth of what they have chosen not to report about their political opposition.&#160; Then those who claim to know and inform us of the truth become extremely political, instead of being fair, balanced, and neutral.&#160; So then the American people no longer trust those who claim to know and inform us of the truth, when they are proven to have violated those same ideals on a daily basis.&#160; "THIS IS YOU WASHINGTON POST", and your new owner.&#160; What "HUBRIS" you show when you think that the American people are not smart enough to recognize your bias and bigotry, and then make-up this "Fake Advertisement" to go along with your record of creating "Fake News", by using only anonymous sources, who can't be questioned and investigated to discover the real truth.</div>