DRAFT: The case for Glenn Beck

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After the 9-11 terrorist attacks, I became a news junkie wanting as much information on how it happened, who did it and what would be our response?  I quickly found myself listening to Sean Hannity on a regular basis through my AM stations when I was coming home from work. 

Fast forward a few months to the middle of summer, late 2002.  I was driving from New Jersey, where I lived, through Pennsylvania to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri on my way to my Army Reserve annual training event.  There were no satellite radios then, only Ipods, CDs and whatever noise came out of the local stations.


After Hannity’s show ended, I left the station on and began to hear “The Glenn Beck Program”. I truly enjoyed it.  Very much different than Sean, a little more relaxed, funny and at the time, not very political.  He and his crew (Pat & Stu) mostly talked about current events and silly, uplifting home grown stories.  The further west I got, I lost the signal and that was it.  Back to my old fashioned Ipod and CDs. I was a little disappointed.


Eventually, Glenn Beck’s show did become syndicated and also produced a podcast I would tune in to regularly.  I remember his adamant about promoting his show as the “Third most listened to radio talk show in the America” behind Hannity and Limbaugh.  He was clear to point that out and content with the ranking because the theory being the higher you got, the more pressure there was to stay on top.  I respected Glenn’s humbleness, and became one of his regular “Sick Twisted Freaks”.


As time went on, Glenn’s radio program and listeners continued to grow and I along with it. He became more political (as did I), but still stayed true to his principles, values and reporting style.  Glenn went from a simple radio talk show host to a syndicated giant who produced his own television network.  As one of his original fans (as I like to call it), I am very proud of him and all that he has accomplished.  As he grew and progressed in life and politics, I too did the same. 


Of course Glenn Beck is not everyone’s cup of tea, even too many Conservatives and Libertarians.  Some think he is a loon, nut-job, “Mormon” or a crazy conspiracy theorist, like, say, Alex Jones?  Anyhoo…..I have to admit, if I turned on Glenn’s radio show right in the middle of one of his loud rants, I can see how someone (who doesn’t listen to him) might think he is certified crazy.  Fortunately, I know better.


So why am I writing this?  Certainly Glenn can defend himself, right?  To be clear, there are those who will never like him or his views, but this is not really for them. Over the last couple years, I’ve been more disturbed not by his detractors, but by those who used to be his fans and supporters, then turned their back on him when he wouldn’t, or more like, couldn’t support Trump. Why?  What happened?  Did Glenn change or did these (so called) fans change?  I believe the latter.  Glenn’s principles, loyalty, values and integrity have not changed much.  It was these (so called) fans that did. 


I understand many Trump supporters on the Right were tired of being pushed around by the Left for 8 years.  However, that doesn’t mean you should vote for a President that will push around the other side now.  That was Glenn Beck’s main point, but some people didn’t want to hear it and not only bailed on him, but threw him under the bus.  These people are hypocrites in a sense because when Obama did or said X, Y & Z there was a huge outcry by these “conservatives”, but when Trump does or says the same or similar things, it’s a beautiful thing.  Why?  Because-Trump!


Today, some former listeners and fans might be surprised to find Glenn supports Trump now.  Not like a blind less fool.  Not because he had a change of heart or because he has “seen the light”, but because he wants our President to succeed and do good things.  He still criticizes Trump when appropriate, but also praises him for the good things. Just the same as he did for Obama.  No one should want to see their President fail. Again, he is not everyone’s cup of tea, but there is no arguing Glenn Beck has done so much more for the Conservative movement than any other that I know of.



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