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This writer is not a huge fan of our President. As a Conservative — I did not vote for him, although I can understand how and why many others did. People were worn down and tired, tired of getting beaten down by the Left and the Main Stream Media (MSM), then Trump stepped in and stood up for them. I was tired too, but I still had a standard that Trump did not meet. I wrote in my candidate (Ted Cruz), and some of my conservative friends could not understand why? They felt it was a wasted vote and no different than voting for Hillary. I disagree, here’s why. Trump did not EARN my vote, plain and simple. It was MY vote and I gave it to Cruz, my conscience is clean.


Trump, in my opinion, is not “Presidential”, articulate, honest or humble. These are qualities I look for in a candidate. I don’t like how he treats people who disagree with him, especially when it is a legitimate criticism, not just a bash. I could go on, but that’s not what this is about. Moving forward, it’s been a couple years since I didn’t vote for him, and I have to be honest — I like a lot of what he has done for the country so far. I am not excusing him for the aforementioned shortfalls. He still continues to annoy me and sounds like a buffoon when he goes off the teleprompter. However, I am smart enough to give credit where credit is due. The phrase “Actions speak louder than words” comes to mind as I pay attention more to what he’s done than the silly things he says. Although I face palm often after he tries to sound smart on something he is not, I understand this is just how he is. As a Veteran and still currently serving, Trump is my Commander in Chief. I like his support for the military, an improved economy and securing our border.


So what is this all about? It is about the MSM (and the Left) constantly working against Trump on everything just because they don’t like him. It is about blaming Trump, and those who support him, for everything that is wrong with the country. He can do nothing right and will never get credit when he deserves it. When he does get a tiny shred of credit, he is still criticized for something within it, like the day of the week he did it on, the tie he was wearing or who was with him. They detract from the positive to draw attention to something negative. If you support Trump, you are racist and deplorable. Someone is bound to get “triggered” and need a “safe space” if a Trump supporter is around.


When Obama was President, he could do no wrong. He was the best President ever and if you dare to criticize him you were a racist. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama was criticized by the media for what she was wearing, like they do to Melania? The double standard and hypocrisy is incredible! The media is indeed, biased. Obama no doubt was the one who began the split in this country dividing us over race and apologizing to other nations for decades of our spreading democracy and freedom. Many Americans chose sides and the MSM loved it. Divide and conquer! …or was it? This is a big part of the reason Trump won, because enough of one side was fed up and turned out to vote while everyone else assumed Hillary was a sure thing and stayed home.


Wouldn’t it be nice if the MSM was fair, impartial and honest? Isn’t that their job? They used to be, as far as I can remember (I’m 50). Surely they always have been more favorable to a Democrat, but this is completely out of control. When I went to college, as I’m sure many in the MSM have, there was this one small requirement you had to meet when submitting a paper. Obtain a certain amount of credible primary and secondary sources and refer to them during your research. I guess now, as a journalist, the editor does not hold them to the same standards. 


I have never seen anything like this and it is becoming dangerous. We have a huge amount of Americans who believe anything you put in front of them, no matter what it is. They only read the headlines, maybe the first paragraph then instantly get triggered, draw a conclusion and sometimes act out. Thanks to Oprah the term “Your Truth” is now a thing, and the actual TRUTH matters not if you don’t like it. No one seems to care where anything is coming from, who is reporting it or what is their agenda. The media constantly fails to put things IN context or report the truth. If it is drama and makes conservatives look bad, they put it out there. If it is someone on the Left, they look the other way or make excuses. The Media should be ashamed of themselves and so too the Sheeple who feed in to it and never question anything.


Yes, I am just another schmuck on a keyboard with an opinion. So why would anyone listen to me? I don’t know, but to remain silent and say nothing is no different than condoning it all. My advice to the MSM and the mindless zombies who eat up this garbage — The manner in which you treat Trump garners sympathy and support for him, including me. Can we do better at choosing a President? Maybe, but we’ve had worse. Even though Trump is flawed, out of spite, I will vote for him this next election. So will many others who didn’t before. You are not being responsible and have lost your credibility. Stop with the agenda, report the facts, the truth and keep things in context, on both sides. Your days are numbered and people are tuning you out. Why is this so hard for you to understand? Because the truth in not aligned with your agenda? Perhaps THAT is the problem. Remember, GOOD will always triumph over evil, it always does in the end. Unfortunately, often times a lot of good people get hurt in the process. I don’t want anyone to get hurt by the FAKE news you report, and neither should you. If you feel I’m wrong, prove me wrong.


God Bless America!


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