Abortion Doublespeak

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The principled hypocrisy is on blatant display for both sides of this issue.  
There is much more hypocrisy from the left as they stand for a woman's right to kill their child but deny a mother's right to spank the same.  Wow.  
However, the right has their own problems as well.  The right says that a mother should not have the right to abort a child, by law, but also say that parent's rights are continuing to be violated by the "nanny-state".
The right also does not realize that there are 40-50 million less democratic voters today because of abortion (60 million abortions since Roe V Wade).  Eventually, the left just kill off their legacy.
 If there is not a clear-cut legal answer I will always fall on the side of liberty when it comes to political policies.  Personally, the idea of killing an infant (in or out of the womb) is a tragedy and morally repugnant to me.  However, I'm not arrogant enough to think that whatever moral choices I have should be everyone's choice as well.  There are some moral principles that I think should be canonized in law . . . abortion is not one of them. 

Parents should have complete domination over their offspring up until they are legal adults.  For me, the abortion question is resolved, logically, when the child reaches the legal age of an adult.  If the parents had the legal right to abort a child up until the legal age, kids would respect their parents and our society much more than today.  "If I brought you into this world, I sure as hell should have the right to take you out of it!".  

Abortion is less a principled issue and more the "club" which both sides use to beat up their opposition.

"See!  You don't care about women!"

"See!  You don't care about children!"

Right now, the law is a hypocritical arbiter on the topic of parent's rights.  I say, let's just stop the legal hypocrisy.  That is a bigger issue.


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