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Guaido. A Harvard guy, 35 years old. Hmmmm.....


Ok. Now bash me, Americans, sorry I mean, citizens of one country on the so-called American continent "America". What's the native name for the whole thing ? At least the Canadians allowed their Inuit their place called Nunaqvuut. Remember Erik The Red was in what was later south of New York about 900 AD, and the Spaniard/Italian ? AMERIGO Vespucci was quite late in his lessons. 


There was a guy called Chavez in Venezuela, and his successor Maduro just now wanted to get independent of the world leader USA, the UN, the IMF and World Bank, rating agencies etc. which of course are also led by the world leader. So the newly elected guy after Chavez (CRY FREEDOM NOT A REGULAR PRESIDENT!!!)  was Maduro. Like in the Maidan the US-led coalition cried FAKE ELECTION!


So what ? It's THEIR fucking business, ain't it ? Not the one of the US or the EU !


....hmmm...Bush 2000 Florida


...continued the same agenda. Oil is state controlled. Well...what to do ? Get some sanctions on any imports, and then the people will be so fed up and they will support a guy who is either an old Goldman Sachs empoyee or has been studying in the US and is therefore, Same as Russia. If you don't behave, wherever you are, we sanction you, and btw. we don't accept Den Haag. Any US citizen will be persecuted for a crime abroad will result in sanctions of that country.





...and "god" on our side LOOOL


....oh, in no way influenced......I mean the US$ is cool, secure, and then business FOR ME is guratanteed, Get into power, do what the US wants, have a go on the pot in banks.


Like in Africa.


Iraq, Iran, Afganistan, Yougoslavia. Libya, Grenada, I don't know how many exactly. The US does NOT want independent countries as long as they don't are TO THEIR SERVICE.


I support Maduro. Why ? Not because I think he's a good guy. But the US has never done an interference in other countries that made the people gain something but their own economic interests.


And that's why most of the world doesn't trust the United States Corporation anymore.


Sorry to be so frank. Not against YOU guys. But I'm so fed up with a country which is


a) barely 250 years old

b) who consists of immigrants who come from countries they now fight or detest

c) and thinks it has the wisdom to know better than places that have a history of thousands of years


Be aware that you don't live in a country and you don't have a natural grown identity. You are TOLD you have one - to serve a giant industry in all aspects that uses you as a consumer or soldier abroad to keep the personal profit of some elite "long-term thinking" people.


You are, as we Europeans are, in current times, victims of financial influence and propaganda of a few who don't care about the Vets of the future - in either camp.


And Guaido in Venezuela is just another tool in that web. To keep this order in place where 95% of the world population fights for survival and the 5% have fun watching how we fight each other using terms and -isms.


Divide and rule. How old is that ?!?


Please think about it, friends !