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Funny the socialists here pontificating about how bad the world is and lead their arguments with the 0.0001% examples (one in a million).


0.0001% Examples


How terrible our capitalist world is as poverty has never been lower, worldwide, thanks to innovation motivated by profits and "greed".


The reduction of poverty today has nothing to do with socialist agendas.  It has everything to do with capitalist efficiency and capitalist driven innovation -- all for profit.  (How evil) 

Capitalism is the only proven system that has turned self-preservation, a primal mandate for individuals, into a community of sharing benefit and sharing risk.  The 0.0001% exist not because of theft, which socialist imply (some actually claim like Obama -- "you didn't build that"), but because they are rewarded by the recipients of the products they sell.  It is this simple.  Take away the rewards or the possibility of the rewards and the entire system collapses.  Innovators will not take risks if there are no rewards.


Socialist agendas, having run a full course, have never, ever raised society to anything but beggars, losers, liars, corruption, and ultimate failure.  How many more examples do we need?

The theories of Socialism only keeps surviving due to the opulent affluence of societies that can afford to ingratiate its own narcissism with a self-aggrandizing charity of someone else's fortune and future.


I am not a 0.0001% wealth owner.  Far from it.  So why would I defend the 0.0001%?  I do not.  I defend freedom, which capitalism is derived, that has produced enough charity and leisure to give socialists the time and capital to entertain delirious fantasies.

I also do not use 0.0001% examples to justify turning an entire society on its head.  This is what the ignoble will do to make claims based on emotional falsehoods.  Socialists are liars.


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