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The unholy Feminine


A friend of mine told me to watch that, and so far I only saw this part of two, but, well, it sounds interesting. I mean, I don't believe what people tell me straight away, and often what you see is not what is reality, but I thought, ok. give it a go. I've never heard of anything like Epigenetics before, but I must admit, it has some points to consider.


Most of us know about the invention of Eugenics in the UK in the late 1900's and what resulted from that - right up to the Aryan First ideology, although this too was used for economic purposes after all, but it was a welcomed ideologic hook for other actions...


But when one looks at how the genders are played one against the other today, "neofeminism", the weakening of the man on the biological basis, the trend for a "one gender" society (like decide whatever gender you want to be) and the PC language that replaces every gender hint by a * or another sign you can't deny that something is going on. Languages are rewritten, and when one is not approving on "culture and identity has to be destroyed in order that everyone understands everyone because we all are the same and sex is interchangeable" he is either called a


backward-oriented old bugger or an intolerant egoist.


Now - is this a NWO (if this unification of people as per Brave New World or 1984) agenda or simply a delusional exaggeration of what started in 69 with "free love and tolerance" ?


I don't know, frankly. But I do see that the trend is there to form a world population where identity is lost, and when that is achieved, such a population is ideal for "mind control". Today we have same music likes around the planet, same clothing trends from Asia to Europe and the US, same food preferences (McShit, there goes my health), a seemingly universal meaning about what is "right" or "wrong" in politics or science, in moral behavior and lifestyle.


And the foregoing division that leads to collapse of identity later is fed by social media.


Now, how does Epigenetics come in there ? In my opinion a weakened human being which has become a simple "functional existence" can be reproduced over generations with specific attributes suitable for a predetermined role in society, from the carpenter to the soldier to the teacher. Maybe it will also be possible to preconfigure people's IQ's....


People are disoriented. And a disoriented people can be drawn into a certain mental and physical state easier through mind control by the media, the education system and nutrition containing certain chemicals and addictives than a population which is able to form an individual mind and thinks before following a certain trend and lifestyle.


Watch that video, with caution (I mean "occult" stuff is going a bit too far for my taste), but there are things that need considering when seeing in what state the (Western) world is in.