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In the article Will 2019 be a bad year for Lady Dems we discussed what five lady Dems may be facing in 2019.  We are a little bit over halfway through the first month of 2019 and Dame Pelosi is showing signs that she may be imploding.  Consider this:


With the partial government shutdown ongoing, Congresswoman Pelosi decided the optics was okay to leave CONUS and head to Hawaii for a vacation, refusing to negotiate  with President Trump regarding the shutdown and funding for border security.  To further muddy the optics waters, Dame Pelosi decided it was appropriate for her and fellow Democrats to take a junket to Puerto Rico, bask in the sunshine and watch a performance of Hamilton, again refusing to negotiate. 


In what some consider to be a desperation move, Congresswoman Pelosi then decided that it was in her (and the Democrats’) best interest to dis-invite President Trump from giving his State of the Union (SOTU) address in front of Congress later this month, using the argument that because of the shutdown, Secret Service would not be able to provide adequate security.   When this claim was rebuked by the Secret Service and DHS, Pelosi’s response was “I don’t care what they said.”    Come on . . . seriously?  What are you trying to hide, Madame?


Additionally, just the other day, Dame Pelosi and a gaggle of Democrats were on their way for another junket to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan.  (As an aside, these junkets are paid for by the taxpayer.  Judicial Watch has recovered documentation, through FOIA, demonstrating that Pelosi spent millions on these junkets.  Here is just one example of the costs of one of these junkets, provided by Judicial Watch).  President Trump, in what some would arguably label a “tit-for-tat,” put a stop to this latest junket in a letter to Congresswoman Pelosi stating “Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan has been postponed.”


Congresswoman Pelosi’s seemingly out-of-touch approach to the situation she faces is bewildering, to say the least.  What strategy, if actually Dame Pelosi and the Democrats have a strategy, would make these above-referenced decisions by Congresswoman Pelosi acceptable?  What possible strategy would include Pelosi and the Democrats thumbing their noses at the general public at large and President Trump specifically, refusing to sit down to negotiate and, basically, saying they don’t give a hoot about our southern border security, while, from the other side of her mouth, Dame Pelosi postponed the SOTU address because she is concerned about security?  Security is good for Dame Pelosi and her ilk but not for the United States Citizen?


As previously stated, Dame Pelosi has been put in zugzwang by President Trump over the funding of border security and the shutdown.  Dame Pelosi’s actions certainly appear to be those of someone who has no clue what to do next – she seems to be flailing about and acting as a petulant child, possibly just overwhelmed at where she finds herself today; could we be watching in real time the ultimate “brain freeze” of Pelosi, in that she is unable to make a decision; could it possibly be the real-time degeneration of Congresswoman Pelosi into her second childhood; or is Congresswoman Pelosi just “acting” like an inept, out-of-touch Democrat, who is afraid of the backlash from the radical left if she so chose to finally sit down and act like an adult?  Taking the above into account, it could be argued by some that Congresswoman Pelosi’s actions are verging on the insane. 


This reminds the writer of the old mobster Vincent Gigante, who would walk around in his bathrobe to make the Feds think he was crazy and therefore not of sane enough mind to run a criminal organization or, perhaps, to stand trial (it didn’t work).  Could it be that Dame Pelosi is following this same thought pattern and hedging her bets against possible future criminal liability or is this aged Congresswoman from California simply unable to accept reality and make a decision worthy of her standing in the government? 


The stress is building for Dame Pelosi and the frayed ends are becoming more apparent as the year progresses.


Semper Fi



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