My Message to Trump Supporters.

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I really have to say this because this is really directed to people who still are supporting Donald J. Trump. Your "leader" is a joke! This Government shutdown is hurting people who are Federal Employees. Some aren't receiving a paycheck and are forced to work for free. Why? Trump wants a stupid wall that will waste money and it will not make America safe as Trump claims. 

For the past 4 years, I have warned people that Trump is a danger to this nation. Read my past posts. Before the beginning of the Shutdown, Trump had told both Speaker Pelosi and Senator Schumer that he will own the shutdown and what does he does? Blame the Democrats for it. No Mr. Trump, this is on you and to quote President Harry Truman, "The buck stops here!" This isn't Speaker Pelosi, Senator Schumer or the Democrats fault, this is entirely your fault Mr. Trump!

To all you Trump Supporters, this is your fault and you are responsible for hurting people who are being affected by the shutdown and some of you are already affected! Do you now believe that Trump cares about you? His actions speak for him. His wife was on a Military Plane going to Mar-A-Lago and we, The American People are paying for it! He has also given senior members of his WH staff a pay raise while Federal Workers aren't! This is wrong!!!

Trump Supporters, I have nothing else to say to you and are disgusted by what you have done to your fellow Countrymen and Women and to this nation. Take a good look in the mirror, it doesn't lie! 


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