Why Trump is hostile as a default mode

In my experience, people who are hostile as their default mode, are actually using that hostile persona as a pre-emptive measure - cover for occasions when only hostility can get them out of exchange with others that would otherwise expose them. If they are always surly they can be surly when they need to deflect without being detected. Guilty people have a natural hostile reaction to inquiry ( and that gives away that they are not being forthright and honest BTW).


So dimald uses this surly persona. He also uses his endless lies, often 'silly', in order to evade detection and tracking of the important lies (like lies about conspiring with russia). his endless often silly lies are chaff to cover the malicious and coverup lies. Bad guys use both tactics at once. I'm sure the investigators are experts on this stuff, but I wish the general public had been taught how to recognise cons and crooks. Maybe schools and parents can start teaching their kids how to spot dishonesty and people on take, like trump and many others.


Ryan Messano Added Jan 10, 2019 - 5:08pm
Negative.  He's hostile because the Democrats and media are wicked traitors, who are constantly lying and attacking  him. Any reasonable man would be.
The Democrats are the most wicked and corrupt people in America, but they have you suckered.  Not one Democrat in America can honestly defend their platform, and they all get destroyed by conservatives in a debate, but the wealthy Democrats control the media and schools and continue the nonstop indoctrination, to create more traitor drones, every single day.
Bill H. Added Jan 10, 2019 - 5:14pm
Ken Added Jan 10, 2019 - 5:16pm
lies about conspiring with russia
Really?  what lies has he told about that?  What do you know that after 2 years Mueller hasn't found?
By all accounts he is incredibly charismatic and personable one on one.
Ryan Messano Added Jan 10, 2019 - 5:19pm
Bill H., Chairman Xi is proud of you, Comrade.  You are doing a wonderful job tearing down America, and making China strong.
Ken Added Jan 10, 2019 - 5:40pm
Seems he can change on a dime.
Took democrats a lot less time or do you deny Obama, Clinton, Schumer, Pelosi (who all voted FOR a wall in 2006) all have spoken about how we need a wall along with virtually every other democrat - until Trump took office
FacePalm Added Jan 10, 2019 - 6:39pm
I'll tell you why you perceive Trump as "hostile."
First, he was recruited for this job by White Hats in government, who realized that the globalists were doing their damnedest(literally) to destroy America and even the THOUGHT of "natural rights."
Trump's dad was big into the Birchers, and taught his son well; the globalists panicked when Trump won, because he's intimately familiar with both their tricks and their tactics and their methods.
This explains why MSM hates him - the owners of MSM are globalists, and their PANIC has resulted from Trump's determined and ongoing roundup of the pedophile satanists.  Are you by any chance aware of Trump's Dec. 21, 2017 EO declaring a State of Emergency to deal with human trafficking and the corruption attendant on it?  Would you like a link, or do you think you can find it with your own websearch?
i believe Trump has shown Extraordinary patience, especially with the hostile media, particularly Acosta, that egocentric shill and fault-finder.  Personally, i would have lost patience with these attack dogs and spinmeisters in about a week.
Perhaps you might be at least a tiny bit appreciative for one or more of the following:
Promises Made, Promises Kept
...even though there are still several very important promises he has yet to keep, like draining the swamp MUCH more(though he's made a good start @ Justice and the FBI, there are many more deep-state globalists infesting the USG and in positions of corporate power), exposing the fraud of the vaccinations by the CDC, releasing suppressed technology, building the Wall, and etc.
wsucram15 Added Jan 10, 2019 - 8:57pm
Trump never wanted to Border Wall, it was an aides idea during the campaign, he tried it out at a rally and it worked for him.  He even told the crowd he was doing it.
Now..while everyone is fighting over this, like most Presidents and congress, serious things are happening.
Healthcare is a mess
MIP was never reduced as promised so mortgages on FHA for homeowners cost more.
Trump labor agency made corporate offices not liable for franchises.
Now nursing home admittants must sign an arbitration agreement as a condition to being admitted.  Nursing homes prefer this due to expensive law suits..but did you just see the comatose girl who was raped in a nursing facility and had a baby?
Trump allowed beef and poultry from China into the US for the first time in I think 14 or so years. No labels and dont expect them on any other product either.
Betsy Devos cancels student debt forgiveness, even for students of fraud.
Labor dept..puts a hold on berryillum exposure which has an effect on lungs.   This chemical can cause cancer..argument being former law too restrictive.  No new law in place at this time.
Labor laws-injuries and illnesses to be submitted electronically..not anymore.
The "fiduciary rule" was supposed to take place this year, putting clients interests first when selling financial products.  It is set for revision July 2019, maybe.
Labor department did not defend the overtime rule on time and a half.  Instead an employee must qualify for OT which is new modification requested. WH and Labor dept decided by July this will also become an addendum perhaps "new regulation" reducing the payout by employers.
Not too many Labor law opinion letters will be issued, which means that business can operate at will.
EPA fights over water regulations.
Trump an everyone we trade with...everyone.
Treasury department dealings under a shroud of "no touch" zone policies.
EPA - relaxation on biofuels.
Drilling on federal lands..
Reinstament of property seizure.  Dont think it cannot happen to you. Civil forfeiture is a money making process of un-convicted people  for cash strapped police departments had been found unconstitutional.  Not anymore.
Pay discrimination is ok now, reversing form EEo-1 form.
Labor Dept still trying to figure out how to deal with cancer causing silica dust and employers. This gives employers time to comply with former standards. If not, they will figure out this problem.
Oh yeah and drug prices increased...
I could go on about certain states and the PPACA, medicaid, medicaid waiver, etc.
Perhaps foreign policy or climate  changes.
These are just a few ditties to mull over and I havent even gotten to congress yet.
Ryan Messano Added Jan 10, 2019 - 9:01pm
Almost none of those issues are the governments job.  They are the average citizens job.  If the average citizen wasn't wasting prodigious amounts of time and money on worthless or corrupt activities, we wouldn't have these issues.
Women rarely understand this, as conservative women are rare, but it's not the governments job to TAKE CARE OF ANYBODY. That's our job.  It's the government's job to defend our nation, and ensure we have equal opportunity.  Very simple and easy. 
Perhaps road repair is the governments job too, but other than that, very little of what the government does today is actually necessary.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 11, 2019 - 11:32am
"target="_blank">Here is what Donald Trump really thinks about his wall.
Seems he can change on a dime."
You mean like the democrats have as well? 
Funny how that seems to hold true of all politicians. 
The Owl Added Jan 11, 2019 - 1:45pm
Hostility as a means of deflecting and not answering?
Same can be said of filibustering when a question is asked, a character trait of Trump's immediate predecessor and most other politicians living off the taxpayer's money.
The results are the same...No one knows what is going on.
The difference is that the hostility can be entertaining.