Journalism, Truth and Milk Shakes

I had an anecdote to post as a comment on an article titled Death Of Unbiased Journalism by Scottieluv, but for some reason WB is not taking my comment, so I thought as it is long enough I'd post it as a short article.

The item on the Death Of Unbiased Journalism looked at the one sidedness of mainstream media and the politicisation of higher education courses, particularly those that touch on politics and economic affairs, but as it's the season of jollity and unrestrained copulation (well it is if like me you are a northern English pagan,) I decided to approach the topic's references to media bias and fake news from a different perspective.


Just before Christmas I volunteered to pick my grandson Jamie (8) up from his ju - jitsu as mum and Dad had been delayed. Our route passes MaccieD's and Jamie asked could we stop and get a milk shake.
So we drove through, stopped at the hatch and asked for a chocolate shake.
Sorry, we're out of those, the clerk said.
Apologies to Jamie and we're on our way. We were stopped by the light a few hundred yards down the road and Jamie said:
"Y'know Grandad, sometimes Mcdonald's are a bunch of bastards."
"I know that Jamie," I said, knowing better than to be shocked.
"Do you know who else is a bunch of bastards Grandad?" he said when the lights changed.
I said, "No but I've a feeling you're going to tell me."
"The Government."
Tinking he's a bit youg to be bothered about Brexit or mass immigration I asked, "And why are a government a bunch of bastards?"
"Because they don't let you do stuff you want to do."
"Is that so. Where did you find out about that Jamie?"
"From watching Alvin and The Chipmunks."

So now you know folks, if you want to know about what's happening in the world and who is shafting you, don't bother with mainstream media and all its fake news, watch Alvin and The Chipmunks.



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